G7 Summit in Corbis Bay: Participants want a new WHO inquiry into the origin of the corona – politics

G7 nations call for new WHO inquiry into the origin of corona infection!

In the final announcement of the summit at Corbis Bay, state and government leaders on Sunday called for “transparent” and “expert-led” scrutiny. This requires further investigations in China.

U.S. President Joe Biden recently ordered an investigation by U.S. intelligence into the origins of Covid-19. Its background is the question of whether a laboratory accident in the Chinese city of Wuhan could have led to a global corona epidemic.

This was a major turning point: at the beginning of the epidemic, there were speculations that the new type of corona virus may have escaped an accident from the Virology Institute in Wuhan. The study was fed by US President Donald Trump.

But the Chinese government has always vehemently denied this – and the question has always been very politically debated in the West. For example, Facebook broke it and deleted related posts on social media.

In March 2021, a panel of international experts on behalf of the WHO classified laboratory theory as “highly unlikely”. In contrast, the SARS-Cowie-2 virus passed from a bat to humans via an intermediate host animal “very likely”.

However, doubts about the report soon arose. Several states expressed concern that international experts were denied access to the data during the investigation in China.

Now these suspicions have reached state and government leaders in the club of seven major industrialized nations …

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