Gabe Pettito (22 years old) was found murdered:

Gabe Pettito (22 years old) was found murdered:

The late Gabi Pettito’s fiancé, Brian Laundry, has been missing for two weeks – and has been referred to by police as a “person of interest” in connection with his girlfriend’s death.

On September 11, Gabe Pettito was reported missing, and eight days later she was found dead. The FBI thinks she killed.

At the same time, Laundry was now sunk into the ground.

His parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, have stated since their son’s disappearance that they do not know his whereabouts, something their attorneys reiterated no later than Monday of this week.

Chris and Roberta Laundry don’t know where Brian is. Attorney Stephen Bertolino said they are concerned about Brian and hope the FBI can find him.

Writes CNN.

– Doesn’t help

However, Gabe’s parents don’t trust him, according to welfare attorney, Richard Stafford.

On their behalf, he expressed doubts about Laundry’s father’s desire to find his son, he writes CNN.

– The Laundry family didn’t help us find Gabe. They’re certainly not going to help us find Brian,” Stafford said at a press conference yesterday.

– to Brian. We are asking you to surrender to the FBI or the nearest police authority, he added.

In search: Gabi Pettito's stepmother Tara Pettito and Joe Pettito during the September 16 police press conference, before the 22-year-old was found dead.  Photo: Octavio Jones/Getty Images/AFP

In search: Gabi Pettito’s stepmother Tara Pettito and Joe Pettito during the September 16 police press conference, before the 22-year-old was found dead. Photo: Octavio Jones/Getty Images/AFP
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Spotlight on parents

spot light Brian’s father has been targeted after his disappearance.

Among other things, Laundry’s parents’ neighbors in Northport, Florida, claimed they saw Brian and his parents driving with a convoy on the same day Pettito was reported missing, according to the British Guardian newspaper. interested in trade.

Another neighbor told the local channel WINK-TV He also saw Brian Laundry and his family driving the caravan on 9/11.

None of the alleged eyewitnesses said they saw Brian Laundry return from this trip.

After Gabe Pettito’s disappearance was reported, police knocked on Brian Laundry’s door. After that, the parents refused to let them speak to the son, who they claimed was at home, he writes New York Post.

“We spoke with his parents, who weren’t available to him,” Northport Police spokesman Josh Taylor said. Warning.

to me CNN He said the police had been trying to contact Brian Laundry and his family for several days.

– Just a mistake

Brian’s parents, after his disappearance, have Reported him missing.

At the same time, they deny having anything to do with their son’s disappearance, according to CNN.

“Speculation from the public and some newspapers that the parents helped Brian leave the family or avoid an arrest warrant issued after Brian had already been missing for several days, is just plain wrong,” said Stephen Bertolino, the parents’ attorney. Monday conference.


Pettito and girlfriend Brian Laundry, 23, went on a road trip together in July, with plans to cross the US.

Originally, the couple was scheduled to get back together in October, but in early September Laundry came home alone.

On August 12, a few weeks before the last sign of life appeared, the couple were stopped by police on their way to Arks National Park in Utah.

employment Police release in Moab Friday, camera footage shows US police officers in uniform. Petio seems to have had a terrible fight with his girlfriend.

– We were arguing this morning. He said some personal things, obviously Pettito annoyed.

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