Game behind the scenes when the board and general manager are removed:

Game behind the scenes when the board and general manager are removed:

When Bedriftsidrettsforbundet Oslo removed the Bedriftsidrettstskrets group, they received no justification. Now the fired board is demanding to be re-hired.

Doug Bledett said last week about the play at the Corporate Sports Association, The union center first fired the general manager of the Oslo Business Sports District (OBIK) and then the entire board elected in the district.

To Dagbladet, Bedriftsidrettsforbundet both fired the general manager and confirmed that the entire district was under administration, but could not give any justification for taking over the administration in the county in Oslo for so-called privacy reasons.

OBIK is the largest special circle of the Corporate Sports Association, with about 40,000 members.

To be fair

Tom Eric Sundasbe, now the leader of the team that was expelled from OBIK, makes the game behind the scenes easier when he and the team he leads are removed by the association.

The reason for the shooting was that the union fired Stein Agar, general manager of OBIK. The board of OBIK, which also has the responsibility of supervisor for the general manager, was denied the request when the union sought to justify why it had centrally sacked one of its employees.

Re-appointment needed: OBIK’s ousted leader, Tom Eric Sundasbe, is shocked at how the union has handled the circle he ruled.
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– We believe we have to decide who to hire in the control circle, and then we have to get involved and decide when people should be evicted. While we are on board, there is no justification or evidence as to why our general manager should be fired, and we should consider that he can continue to work until we receive this, Tom Eric Sundspey tells Duckbladt.

The corporate sports association disagrees with Sundaspey, who is in charge of employees at OBIK, and believes they have a formal employment relationship with the now-fired general manager.

– The resigned District Board has acted in a manner that undermines the decision of the Association and does not protect the interests of the members and the organization. Emily Robertson, communications president of the Commercial Sports Association, wrote in an email to Dagbladet that it was necessary to keep the circuit under administration to avoid further damage to OBIK.

Sundaspey is said to have given access to himself and the vice chairman of the OBIK board for a number of reasons. So the board as a whole should not be informed yet, the Corporate Sports Association is now justifying secrecy for the same privacy hypotheses.

– This is not enough for us. I do not run a dictatorship, I run a democratically elected government. We will not judge anyone on the basis of clues or beliefs, says Sundasbe.

– The former chairman of the OBIK team, Sundasbe, has approached the content of this employee matter in a variety of ways, thus providing an opportunity for insight, Robertson responds in the association.

The conflict escalated

The decision of Sundspey and the Board did not comply with the decision of the Central Association to dismiss the General Manager, and without justification, exacerbated the situation between OBIK and Bedriftsidrettsforbundet.

On Sunday, September 12, Gretz Fossley, president of the federation, signed and dated a letter announcing that the federation would remove the OBIK board and arrange for OBIK’s personal team members to file a defamation suit for violating the Norwegian Sports Federation’s sentence. This letter was received by Sundspee and the rest of OBIK’s next board.

The board had four days to respond to Bosley and the union, and appointed a lawyer to seek legal assistance.

Sundasbe and the rest of the group at OBIK felt the deadline was too short for them, and met with Fossley on Wednesday of that week to try to resolve the conflict through negotiations. According to Sundspey, the president understood that the board needed more than four days to respond to the threats of the trial, and that Sundspey and Fossley must have agreed at the meeting to extend the deadline, Sundspey said.

The next day, Fossli and Bedriftsidrettsforbundet fired the OBIK group. In the same course, they fired the lawyer who was attached to them by the current board.

– The new board of OBIK has decided to end the work for the lawyer involved in the previous board. Emily Robertson, communications president of the Norwegian Sports Federation, writes in an email to Dagbladet that she cannot defend the use of OBIK’s funds for legal aid spending to promote the views of the sacked district board.

With regard to the deadline, the Federal Board and the dismissed committee at OBIK have been recorded as having different views on the course of events. The Federal Board has not given any deadline in this case, Robertson continues, and refers to the fact that Sundsby will not fire Obi-Wan’s general manager after a meeting with Fosley. Therefore, according to Robertson, there is no basis for further conversation.

Feeling skeptical

Sundasbe reacts strongly to the whole process, and he, OBIK’s team and general manager could not believe the way it was conducted.

– I have been a sports shop owner for 35 years, of which I was president of the Corporate Sports Association at seven companies. I don’t want to be thrown off the board by myself or because of unfaithfulness. I have never encountered a way to treat people like the Corporate Sports Association does now, says Sundspey with Dagblatt.

In the wake of Dagblatt’s lawsuit last week, Sundasbe had to send a letter to all the tour leaders in the business sports association. He enjoys the union’s lack of response to Thackeray’s being on the verge of slander about why the board was removed.

“Several selected OBIK board members later received inquiries as to what kind of crimes we committed as a group. In this way we are suspected.

– All rights reserved

“The reason we were fired was because we did not accept the resignation of the NBIF because the Federal Board considered us unfaithful, and then removed the general manager of the OBIK.

It was placed under the administration of the OBIK Federal Board. “

My presentation is how the elected OBIK Board feels about the case. We demand action again, but no one at NBIF Central wants a conversation with us now because the NBIF has violated the District Council and in principle is taking away all rights as the case stands now. “

Supports NIF Association

The Norwegian Sports Federation refers to the Corporate Sports Federation when it comes to questions about whether they are involved in the process for OBIK.

Finn Agart, NIF’s communications chief, is behind the Business Sports Association’s assessment of the secrecy surrounding the controversial results.

The Corporate Sports Association has exercised its management rights and maintains a basic organizational affiliation under management, without regard to the interests of the members and the organization. This is linked to full opportunity under NIF law. The Commercial Sports Association has also given a justification for this, but the association does not wish to recreate the content of the justification for the press for privacy reasons. This should be respected, Agart writes to Dagbladet in an email.

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