Gardermoen and Flesland may be affected by strikes from Monday – E24

Gardermoen and Flesland may be affected by strikes from Monday – E24

Oslo and Bergen airports will be affected by strikes if the parties do not agree on a collective agreement Flyoverenskomsten by the deadline.

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At Menzies in Oslo and Aviator in Bergen, 447 members were evacuated in the first strike. Free trade union movement.

The deadline to agree is Sunday.

– A strike will quickly lead to big problems at Gardermoen and Flesland, and then at other airports as a result, says Dag-Einar Sivertsen, union secretary and head of negotiations at Fellesforbundet.

The possible strike will start from the start of working hours on Monday.

– We have strict requirements regarding advance payment of sick pay and structure for occupational pension. Here we are not getting anywhere in the negotiations, so we have not started to discuss the economics of the settlement, Sivertson says.

– Erik Lahnstein, Managing Director of NHO Luftfart, says that we look forward to various cases with the mediator in a formal and orderly manner.

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