Gardermoen – This is where the holiday ended

Gardermoen - This is where the holiday ended

Gardermon (Dagbladet): The ten girls from Hamar, all twenty-one years old, had planned a trip south together for three years. In January of this year, they booked a weekly flight to Chania, Greece.

The SAS aircraft was scheduled to depart directly from Gardermoen to Chania at 14:35 today.

Then chaos reigned anyway, strike or not.

– We received a message from SAS at 21 o’clock on Sunday that the flight was cancelled. We met here in Gardermoen as we should, but since then there have been messages in all possible directions, Maiken Larsen sighs.

– At the SAS service center we were first told that we can go to Helsinki tomorrow from there on Wednesday. But we were then told there were only two vacant seats there. Then Tui says we can only travel with the plane they have an agreement with. Then we were asked if we could drive to Denmark or Sweden. After that, Tui had to take a new plane to Chania there tomorrow, says Larsen.

cancel the flight

But then another new message comes from Tui: We don’t have a flight from there to Chania tomorrow.

The red girls consult among themselves about what to do. This is the week they are on vacation, next Monday many of them will go to work.

Please remove the plaster: SAS chief negotiator Marianne Hernes believes that there is no point in continuing negotiations if the two sides do not come close to an agreement.
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Conclusion 1: The girls cancel Chania flight. Tui guarantees that everyone will get back the more than 10,000 kroner they paid.

– What now? – Do you have a plan B?

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– No, but it will be south anyway. Now we’re checking here in Gardermoen to see if there are other seats available. Perhaps it will be Kristiansand, says Maiken Larsen, smiling after all.

Get my luggage back today

– Sorry, there are no comments from us, contact the communications department, says a staff member at the SAS Service Center in Gardermoen to Dagbladet.

After the strike became known, there was still a queue in the SAS. Many people who have sent their luggage and checked in but by no means came by plane are wondering what happens to their luggage. Another SAS employee explains:

We collect baggage from aircraft or from the collection point. Everyone who checks in will get their bags back today, but it may take some time.

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