February 1, 2023


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Gaute Ormåsen: - Common ciphered snippet:

Gaute Ormåsen: – Common ciphered snippet:

Many are familiar with the voices of the masked duo artist Subwoolfer, who She escaped by winning the Melody Grand Prix with the song “Give That Wolf A Banana”.. Thus, it was the yellow wolves in the suit who represented the Motherland during this year’s Eurovision final in Turin.

Many were quick to point out the artist Gaute Ormåsen (39) As one of the yellow wolves.

Famous designer Jean Thomas, 55, was well trained in recognizing well-known singing voices as one of Maskurama’s detectives. Convinced she’s a ‘love is more than infatuation’ singer.

ultimate: The Norwegian contribution makes the hall boil.
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Urmson himself denies everything.

But, on Wednesday, Bromundal’s songbird posted a video on his Instagram story post, with suspicious text.

– It would never cross my mind

“Children are very strange, dressed in costumes,” the artist writes.

CRYPTIC: Gaute Ormåsen shared an encrypted video.  Photo: screenshot from Instagram

CRYPTIC: Gaute Ormåsen shared an encrypted video. Photo: screenshot from Instagram
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When See and Hear hits the string, he is asked if the snippet is a hint that he has spent time in Zee recently.

– no. Like I said, it never occurred to me to put on a costume, but it’s so much fun for people, especially children, to introduce themselves and enjoy the costume, Ormassen says with a laugh.

He can tell that many have perceived the Instagram story as ambiguous.

There has been a strong suspicion lately not to be underestimated, but as I said, I still think it’s Yelvis, he explains, and adds that he thinks it’s funny for people to think of him.

plural: Norway’s Eurovision hopes Subwoolvers will be very active on social media, and they’re as secretive there as they are in reality. Reporter: Organ Ryland. Video: Agusta Magnusdottir / Dagbladet
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I think most people understand deep down that there must be someone who can dance.

– I have to admit

This has been said previously, reviewer Dagbladet Torgrim Øyre One member of the duo’s voice has similarities to Gaute Ormåsen.

Do you agree that a wolf’s voice is similar to yours?

– Yes, I must admit. But there are many who are good at training there. Have you heard of Gustav Nielsen for example? He looks just like Morten Harkett and Alf Pruison when he tries.

rumor rumor: Speculation about who is behind the Subwoolfer. We asked the experts. Video/Photo: NRK/NTB/Lars Eivind Bones
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– So you suspect that one of the Yelves brothers practiced the Gaute Ormåsen tradition?

– Yes, but it could also be Gustav Nielsen in fact.


There has also been speculation about the other half of the duo, and Ben Adams (40) is the name that has been repeated.

– I’ve heard the rumors, obviously – unfortunately not me, but somehow I wish you were… Adams answered vaguely when confronted with the rumors earlier this year.

Like Ormåsen, artist Kari Gjærum (69) also holds a button on the Ylvis brothers.

There are good singers, who are good at moving. The height difference is critical. The interview was in East Norwegian, but some are very good at getting it – not least Ylvis, she previously told Dagbladet.

encrypted: Grunde Myhrer lined the red carpet during the premiere of ‘The Offer’. But he got a little vague when we confronted him about his love life. Video: Luna Leah. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen
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One of the best friends of the Ylvis brothers, Frode Vassel (41), took part in this year’s MGP, and also reached the final. Bård Ylvisåker initially did not want to comment on the case, but told Dagbladet that he wished Vasel all the best in the singing competition.

If we were involved, we wouldn’t have such big ambitions. Then I hope we do it so badly that it hits us, Ylvisåker told Dagbladet at the time.

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