Gay activist Peter Tatchell released after arrest in Qatar – VG

Gay activist Peter Tatchell released after arrest in Qatar - VG
Activist Peter Tatchell, here from a protest at Aston Hall in Birmingham before the Commonwealth Games.

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell, 70, who was arrested in Qatar, has been released.


At 14.34, he wrote that the Qatari police released him after the help of the British Consulate.

It was a busy few hours with the first ever LGBT protest in Qatar before the World Cup. Good service from Daniel and the staff at the British Consulate. Thank you sign Twitter.

Australian says in one video He will go to the airport after his release. He said the police held him for 45 minutes.

The human rights activist is said to have protested outside the National Museum in Doha when he was arrested, the Peter Tatchell Foundation said in a press release.

It only happens 26 days before the start of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and the foundation notes in the press release that this is “evidence that the country is engaged in sports laundering to build its image at the international level.”

The foundation published a photo of Tatchell wearing a white T-shirt reading #QatarAntiGay and a banner reading “Qatar Arrests, Jails, LGBT Diversion”.

Later, they also retweeted a message from English subway The 70-year-old was arrested after the memorial service.

Born in Australia, Tatchell has been a British citizen since 1989. For many years he has campaigned actively for human rights and is known for his work on LGBT rights.

The incident occurs a day after Qatari authorities, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), arrested and mistreated homosexuals just weeks before the soccer World Cup kicks off. The authorities deny these allegations.

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In recent weeks, both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International again expressed concern about the treatment of guest workers and LGBT groups in Qatar, less than a month ago. Football World Cup For men start, type Reuters.

Although homosexuality is illegal in Gulf StateOrganizers of the highly criticized football tournament said that everyone – regardless of their sexual orientation – is welcome in Qatar and can feel safe.

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