George (2) was killed: – It could have been avoided

George (2) was killed: - It could have been avoided

On Wednesday last week, Darren Greenham, 44, of Hesham in Lancaster, England, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of two-year-old George Hinds.

Greenham pleaded guilty to the murder, which actually occurred in August of this year, but the verdict was clarified on October 5, After a two-day hearing.

The 44-year-old was living in social housing in the same neighborhood, and on the night of May 16 last year he caused a powerful explosion that brought down the house in which little George was sleeping.

A police investigation concluded that the explosion was caused by a broken gas pipe, and that Greenham was behind it. The 44-year-old tried According to the police To steal copper pipes to make money from them as scrap metal.

– It could have been avoided

The parents believed that the life of the two-year-old could have been saved. This was reported by the regional newspaper, among other things Lanx Live.

During the sentencing in Preston Crown Court last week, it emerged that several of the convict’s neighbors, including George’s parents, had reported the man in question to City Council and police for years.

– I always did the right thing and reported it to the city council and the police. Nothing has been done, said Stephen Hinds, George’s father.

Death: George Hinds (2) lost his life when Darren Greenham (44) caused a gas explosion in the house next door.  Photo: Lancashire Police/SWNS

Death: George Hinds (2) lost his life when Darren Greenham (44) caused a gas explosion in the house next door. Photo: Lancashire Police/SWNS
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– I am disappointed by the city council and the police after notifying us these countless times. Vicki Studholme, George’s mother, said my beautiful son’s death could have been avoided.

– Neighbor from Hell

However, Mora added that she believes the police did a great job while investigating the case.

Darren Greenham has been reported by neighbors several times for his aggressive behavior and threats related to alcohol and drug use, noise and uncontrollable garden fires.

A neighbor described it as an “expected accident”, and George’s mother feared something might happen long before the gas explosion occurred on the ground.

I felt unsafe in my home before this accident because of him. Studholme said he was literally the neighbor from hell.

must be disposed of

According to the information in the court, a process has begun to evict the 44-year-old girl from social housing due to anti-social behaviour.

However, the case has not progressed so far that the 44-year-old has received any notification.

Lancaster City Council President Caroline Jackson thought it inappropriate to comment on the specific housing issue in the courtroom. But she stated that the operation was postponed as a result of the explosion.

Our sincere condolences to the family at this difficult time and to everyone affected by this tragic event. Thank you to all the community members who reached out to George’s family, said Jackson.

The police also went through all the times they were in contact with the accused, concluding that they couldn’t do anything differently.

We have reviewed all previous contacts and believe we have taken the necessary actions we had the authority to take in a timely manner, says a Lancashire Police spokesperson.

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