Gerard Butler on filming the drama: – I cut it

Gerard Butler on filming the drama: – I cut it

Gerard Butler (53) and Hilary Swank (48) starred opposite each other in the iconic “PS I Love You,” which was a huge hit when it was released to theaters in 2007.

But the scoring of the beautiful movie didn’t go as planned, according to Butler himself.

When the 53-year-old recently hosted “The Drew Barrymore Show,” he was able to reveal that a fellow actor ended up in the hospital because of it, he writes. the people.

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As for presenter Drew Barrymore (47), Butler can tell that the dramatic incident occurred during the recording of a famous scene in the movie.

This all happened when his character, Jerry Kennedy, was dancing wearing only panties and suspenders. Said suspenders were supposed to hit Butler’s face while he was undressing – instead they hit Swank’s head.

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– the buckle in the belt of the trousers spilled out, and suddenly it exploded and flew over my head. He hit her on the head, injuring her. I made it. She had to be taken to the hospital, Butler explains, adding:

– Imagine this crowded studio, in three seconds everyone is gone. I sat there in my Irish boxer shorts and shoes. I started crying. I gave Hilary Swank a scar. I almost hit her in the eye.

The film is based on the novel of the same name from 2004, and follows a widow who finds 10 letters left for her by her late husband – in hopes that she can move on with life.

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Swank, who is currently pregnant with twins, has starred in a number of films. Among others are “Million Dollar Baby,” “The Next Karate Kid,” and “The Freedom Book.”

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For his part, Butler played in famous films like “300”, “The Ugly Truth” and “Olympus Gas Fallen”.

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