German flood victim found in the Netherlands after several months – VG

German flood victim found in the Netherlands after several months - VG
Flood: The flood disaster in Central Europe in July killed 184 people.

A woman who was missing after floods in Germany in July is said to have been carried 300 km in water bodies. It is now found in the Netherlands.


She wrote most likely that she drove with blocks of water down the Rhine, and thus ended up in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where she was found dead. RTE News.

German police said, on Friday, that the missing woman is said to have been carried across the river for a distance of 300 km.

Newspaper estuary of the Rhine It is estimated that the woman was over 60 years old.

The Rhine is the longest river in Western Europe. 865 of the 1,230 km of the river is in Germany, but it splits and flows further into Rotterdam in the Netherlands, according to Norsk Lexicon Store.

The flood occurred on July 14 this year, after heavy rain. Several days later, cities in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were completely submerged. A state of emergency was declared and several cities evacuated.

AIRLINE: This map shows the distance between where the woman went missing and where she should have been found. There is an overhead line of more than 300 km.

Found a few weeks ago

German police reported that the missing woman was found in Rotterdam several weeks ago.

according to garden news It ended up in the Artal waters of the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, where the flood caused extensive damage. A number of homes, offices, wineries and other infrastructure were completely destroyed in the area.

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The police took DNA samples of the woman, and after further investigation, the police recently discovered that it was the same woman who disappeared in Germany in July.

According to AFP, 182 people died in the floods, and more than 360 people were injured.

Killer: Two people have not been found after the flood disaster.

Two Germans are still missing

After the German woman was found in the Netherlands, two people from the same area are still missing.

According to Agence France-Presse, there was extensive damage to buildings, infrastructure and other things after the flood. Reconstruction is expected to take some time.

On Tuesday, the German and state governments adopted a reconstruction package worth 30 billion euros, which is equivalent to just over 310 billion kroner. The flood also resulted in insurance payments of more than NOK 70 billion.

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