Germany: at least 25 people arrested

A man suspected of involvement in the explosion in Gothenburg

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Federal police in Germany have arrested at least 25 people in a nationwide operation against the far-right group “Reichsb├╝rger”.

This was stated by the country’s attorney general in a press release.

The background to the arrest warrant is that the group planned a coup.

There are a total of 52 suspects in the organization. 27 of these have yet to be arrested, but they are suspects in the case.

Government purge

3,000 police officers searched more than 13 properties across Germany.

The arrests took place in different parts of the country, as well as in Austria and Italy.

According to the information Globalism The procedure was initiated and coordinated by the Federal Public Prosecutor and the Federal Criminal Police.

The authorities accuse the group of planning a violent “systematic coup,” according to the media.

Some members of the group are said to have been in possession of weapons and the aim was to “cleanse” the current government.

The new government apparatus was to be set up as a principality according to the principles of monarchy and divided into different ministries, according to a police document seen by Bild.

Former political arrest

Welt writes that a prince of high German aristocracy, a former member of the Bundestag and a former member of the German armed forces has been arrested.

Malczak Wenkmann, 58, is a member of the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

According to Zeit Online, she did this for several months, and party colleagues must see it as a conspiracy theory that partially follows the much-discussed ideology of QAnon.

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A Russian citizen was arrested for helping Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss contact Russia’s representatives.

The organization reportedly wanted to set up a transitional military government after eliminating the democratically elected German leadership.

– According to the members of the Confederation, they have to negotiate a new state system in Germany with the victorious Allied forces from World War II. From the association’s point of view, the main connection for these negotiations is with the Russian Federation, the state’s lawyer writes.

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