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Figures from Energinet show that Danish wind turbine owners in the past two years have received more than half a billion kronor for leaving their wind turbines at rest.

Wind turbines in Jutland, Denmark.
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Many Danish wind turbine owners turn their turbines off despite the wind. This is because German rules state that wind turbines in Germany must operate at full capacity.

The capacity of the German power grid is not large enough to send Danish electricity into the country. Therefore, Germany is paying Danish wind turbine owners for not providing electricity as agreed.

According to Danish network operator Energinet, owners of Danish wind turbines have received more than half a billion crowns for allowing the turbines to stand still over the past two years, he writes. Danish DR.

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The scheme will end

Calculations by Energinet show that Danish wind turbines remain stationary for so long that the amount of lost electricity could provide 300,000 households a year.

Deputy Director Gibby Dano wants to stop the arrangement with Germany, so the turbines can produce power again.

We simply believe it is unsustainable to shut down wind turbines at a time when we need more than ever all the renewable energy we can ever bring into the power system, he tells Dr.

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The interest group says no

The wind turbine owners’ interests organization, Green Power Denmark, will not terminate the scheme.

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They think it will cost wind turbine owners money, because they are currently getting paid more through the German scheme than if they sold the electricity.

“You get paid for not producing, and when there is better work than producing electricity, you do it,” Green Power Denmark’s Director of Production and Trade tells DR.

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