Get a higher price: Slaughter Viaplay has increased the price of the Premier League package

Get a higher price: Slaughter Viaplay has increased the price of the Premier League package
The Stars: Many Norwegians follow Erling Braut Haaland and Manchester City in the Premier League. Here from the Everton game on New Year’s Eve. That match ended 1–1.

Viaplay is being reprimanded for raising the price insanely much more than the average for other goods and services in Norway.


Friday the 13th decided Viaplay Same to increase the price of the total package, which includes the popular Premier League, from NOK 649 to NOK 749 per month. led it for great feedback.

The commentator is me E24Sindre Heyerdahl, thinks it is unmusical to raise the price now.

– The wallet is under attack from all sides. It’s increasing by 15 percent, which is sky high inflationinflation Sindre Heyerdahl.

This means that it is higher than what other goods and services increase. In December it rose consumer price index with 5.9 percent in Norway.

At NOK 749 per month, this means that the total Viaplay package costs NOK 8,988 per year.

– NOK 9,000 token in wallet. The raw figures for the decline in purchasing power last year were NOK 18,000 according to Statistics Norway. It’s an already tense economy for many, so for many the choice will be between heating the house, putting food on the table, or buying a live subscription. If you choose the latter, you have to be a reasonable football fan, says Heyerdahl.

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There are significant differences in the cost of the total subscription per month Nordic (amounts converted to NOK).

  • Norway: NOK 749.
  • Sweden: 522 NOK.
  • Denmark: NOK 647 (England Premier League and Champions League are both included in the Viaplay package).
  • Finland: 430 NOK.
Economic Commentator: Sindre Heyerdahl in E24.

In the Netherlands, the total Viaplay package costs NOK 150 per month. Heyerdahl reacts to Viaplay Norge setting up the payment when they already have the highest bid.

– It seems difficult to set the price when other countries have different cost level for this service. Norwegian consumers may be willing to pay more, but here I think Viaplay may have miscalculated. When you look at increasing expenses now, Heyerdahl says, this is not the time to increase more than everything else in society grows.

It costs to have Martin Ødegaard and Premier League matches in the TV room:

Professor Harry Arne Solberg at NTNU is an expert in sports and economics and believes Norway is in a special position when it comes to interest in English football.

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– In Finland they have ice hockey and they have a lot of interest in the local league, in Denmark there is interest in the Spanish league (Spain), Solberg says.

Viaplay Norway’s communications director, Fredrik Olymp, responds to the price increase in an email.

– Every country is different, with a number of underlying factors and we adjust our offering accordingly. We always aim to provide an engaging and attractive service to our viewers wherever we operate, and we are making this adjustment now to ensure we deliver the best possible product in the future.

– This is about the fact that we have some of the most attractive sports rights in the world for a long time to come, packing them in with studios, experts, commentators, analytics and documentaries, but also about the fact that we plan to continue major investment in Norwegian drama content, which has been praised by critics and popular with viewers, Olimb writes to VG about price increase.

One of the biggest profiles in the Premier League is the Norwegian and scores goals:

Faced with the criticism of an E24 commentator that the price is high above inflation, Olymp responds:

– He should be allowed to think so. We’re offering an annual package through March 15th at the old price point, so in practice you can commit for twelve months at zero percent increment. Like many other industries, we also notice increasing costs. Rights are becoming increasingly expensive and the same goes for managing this technical infrastructure and the quality of broadcasting that people expect today.

For competition reasons, Olimb will not answer whether Viaplay has increased or decreased the number of subscribers recently.

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Economic commentator Sindre Heyerdahl thinks it could damage Viaplay’s reputation that they are now raising the price.

– But maybe they’re a little lucky because a lot of people care about the product and not who delivers it. But many people notice who is now raising prices for goods and services. We become more price-conscious when purchasing power is lower, says Heyerdahl.

Professor Solberg believes that Feaplay benefits from the fact that many Norwegians have a favorite team in English football.

What they do know is that these “hard core” people are willing to pay a lot. NOK 749 a month is a lot of money, Solberg tells VG.

Now it will cost you NOK 1,148 to have the Premier League and Champions League live in your living room at home, with TV 2 Play and Viaplay.

– Viaplay can get one in the wool. Solberg says they are taking a chance on getting more money from those who are still signing up rather than bringing in new money.

The professor thinks that watching pirates can be a challenge.

The quality is not the same but good enough. Solberg says it’s easy to access and you can sign up for free.

Many Norwegians support Liverpool, but against Brighton they went on a bad spell:

TV 2 Play, which includes the Champions League, costs NOK 399 per month. TV 2 Play earned NOK 669 when they had the rights to the Premier League.

  • The next Premier League match will be between Crystal Palace and Manchester United next Wednesday.

VG and Viaplay have an editorial and commercial collaboration.

Do you remember the goals when Tottenham crushed Crystal Palace? Here you can watch it again or refresh your memory:


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