June 9, 2023


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- Get away from those!

– Get away from those!

Telenor’s clear Wednesday advice to all of its mobile customers:

– Do not click on this link or download the application. Telenor’s voicemail service will not ask you to download an app or click a link to listen to a voice message.

The telecom giant points to two messages that have appeared on hundreds of thousands of mobile phones since Tuesday.

And that will continue to break out in the next few days.

This is the largest attack we have seen from the so-called flubot virus since it was first detected by our security systems in April of this year. And the attack we discovered on Tuesday is a new type of this virus, Telenor Information Director Magnus Line tells Dagbladet Wednesday afternoon.

Another message that’s pretty clear for mobile customers now:

– No harm is done if you do not open suspicious messages or answer yes to the question whether the sender can circumvent the telecom operator’s security systems.

Don’t open such a message: Stay away, Telenor warns. fax.
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On a typical day, Telenor’s spam filter blocks between 30,000 and 40,000 fake messages, with the sender looking to scam unsuspecting mobile users for money.

In the 24 hours before Wednesday morning, Telenor’s same security systems stopped 165,000 such messages before they ended up on customers’ cellphone screens.

385,000 fake text messages

By 12 am, the number of messages exceeded 200,000.

By 2 pm, the number of blocked SMS messages had reached 385,000.

90,000 of these messages were stuck in the Telenor network between 08 and 10 on Wednesday.

– This is information that the sender may use to steal money from you or misuse it in other ways. On top of that, they use the contact information in your mobile phone to send virus SMS to hundreds or thousands of other mobile phones – without you even noticing, Telenor Information Manager points out.

simple control

And he adds some “simple” daily rules if you’re not sure about something to pick up:

– Stop and think again. Could this be true?

Do not click on links that you are not completely sure of. Please visit the official website.

– Never allow apps or apps to bypass mobile security features.

Ask for help or advice from others if you are not sure.

Spread the knowledge – no viruses! If you tell others about this, people will avoid problems.

to cheat: Fraud attempts abound during the day. We give you an overview of the most popular. Photo: Shutterstock / NTB: Clip: Tobias Fjeldvang. Reporter: Embla Hjört Larsen. Photo: NTB
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The name? – I’m not sure

The Flubot virus was discovered internationally last winter, a few weeks before it entered Telenor systems.

And flubot name?

– We’re not sure of the origin there, says the information manager.

And where is the origin?

We have doubts, but we are not sure. So this answer must lie for a long time.

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