Get it out of the car

Get it out of the car

Many Norwegians rely a lot on their cell phones. They take unnecessary chances when they’re on a trip, and they think they can easily call for help when something unexpected happens, but you’re not sure that you have coverage wherever you are.

Therefore, some important precautions should be taken before the trek in the autumn mountains.

This is what department manager Ståle Jamtli at the Central Rescue Center for Southern Norway told DinSide.

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8000 times a year the alarm goes off at the main rescue center. 4000 of these accidents are related to injuries, accidents and searches in the mountains.

With simple aids, you can make it easier to find if you get lost in the woods or in the mountains.

easy safety

Take the small yellow reflective jacket in your bag. The little yellow jacket doesn’t take up much space, but it can help make you more visible to rescue teams if you’re the one who suddenly needs help on a dark autumn night in the mountains, says Jamtley.

If you don’t have an extra reflective jacket, you can take the one in the car with you.

– Helicopter search crews use so-called night goggles, and if you wear a reflective vest you can be seen from several kilometers away. It’s simple and cheap insurance, says Jamtali.

At a distance of several kilometers, the reflective jacket will shine like a light cone.

If you wear dark or camouflaged clothing, you blend in more with the terrain and risk not being found.

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The best in the mountains

Good colored clothing, or best of all, a reflective jacket can make a difference and save your life.

As hikers and hunters now head to the autumn mountains, a small reflective jacket can help save lives.

– If you get lost or need help, the reflective vest can make the rescue work much easier for the rescue teams.

take it with you

The crew on the ground will also be able to monitor the person they are looking for more easily with a reflective vest.

Search crews can search the area faster and more efficiently in daylight and darkness. A single scan of the search crew’s headlights can be enough to find someone wearing a reflective jacket.

It’s hard to notice hunters who often like to use colors that soften the contrast with the terrain. Today, it is common for hunters to use orange for camouflage, but even with such a color, a reflective jacket will make a difference, especially when it gets dark.

Bring a flashlight

We also recommend bringing your own headlight. It can be easier to get around in the mountains and forests when it gets dark, says Jamtali.

Also bring an extra battery for your mobile phone. It can make a big difference. A cell phone in your bag or pocket uses a lot of power when looking for new base stations, and during a mountain trip, the phone can run out of battery before you know it.

With an extra battery, you get power when you really need it.

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Make life a little safer for you, and make work a little easier for us. Always have an extra battery, a headlight, well-colored clothing, and a reflective jacket on hand for your fall mountain trip, says Jimtley.

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