Get out of the dark – VG

Get out of the dark - VG
Light Out of Darkness: Little Simz does not in any way explain Tix’s contribution to Eurovision.

Forget Kanye and Drake. This fall’s strongest rap is coming from Islington.


album: hip-pop
Little Sims
“Sometimes I can be an introvert”
(Age101 / early)

VG dice showing 5 points

Four albums in his career, Little Simz was meant to carve out a place as a much “bigger” artist. In the room that Stormzy opened, this must be cleverThe charismatic and deeply personal Briton was an obvious successor.

This does not mean that it will happen on the fourth either.

Regardless: unlike Another “important” album of hip-hop in the past few days, screaming Little Sims are not paying attention. or He argues with his record company in public.

from The Magic Opener “Introverted” For the final second difficult song “How Did You Get Here” this is a warm, thoughtful and complex version. The “gray area” is narrower and more clearly indicated, but it was best suited for close personal listening. Trust me, I’ve tried. On the other hand, “Sometimes I May Be Introverted” works in headphones and as a background mood.

Simbiatu Ajikawo, from birth, has a flow and understanding of text that goes beyond most other things. Where she openly mentions her inner demons, and paints Similarities between her and Amy Winehouse. And then we just got to the opening song.

Production from best friend Inflo is more open and organic. Sault Factory is constantly evolving, adding whole new depth to the arrangements and rhythms.

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Both relatives were in Bristol in the early 1990s. But he also picks inspirations from the charged spirits of the ’70s and makes a Billie EIlish-inspired rhythm change as if it were invented in London. While the ending of “Miss Understood” is the best song Lauryn Hill hasn’t done in the last 23 years.

In one of the very many middle moments Read Emma Corin’s Vulgar Philosophy of Life At the intersection of the Dalai Lama. With the help of Princess Diana’s accent from Season 4 of “The Crown,” equal parts clever and whimsical.

“Sometimes I Might Be an Introvert” isn’t the classic straight-forward movie I was hoping for at least. To this end, one struggles with tendencies toward the same tendency to be self-confident as both Kanye and Drake: Some adults can easily be present and cut the edges and Tighten in the middle.

However, this 27-year-old is an artist who should be visible throughout the festival in the immediate vicinity next summer. nice to someone – If it has to be approved by FHI – It can be fixed.

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