Gilbert is angry after a new hospital is ordered to be evacuated

Gilbert is angry after a new hospital is ordered to be evacuated

“It is incomprehensible, foolish and impossible,” says doctor Mads Gilbert, after Israel ordered the evacuation of a hospital where thousands of Palestinians are sheltering.


The Palestinian Red Crescent said that on Friday night it received three strong warnings from the Israeli army to immediately evacuate Al-Quds Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. CNN.

The hospital currently has about 400 patients, and several thousand civilians have taken shelter from Israeli air strikes there.

“It is absolutely incomprehensible, foolish and impossible to do,” Gilbert says in an audio recording Published on X night to Saturday.

-He stands in the way

Chief Medical Officer Mads Gilbert is currently in Cairo waiting to enter Gaza to provide medical assistance.  Pictured here in Tromsø.

The doctor, who has worked in Gaza on numerous occasions over the years, is urging people around the world to engage politicians on the issue.

– Now they have bombed the surroundings of Jerusalem in recent evenings, and the Israelis are very upset that they are not allowed to empty the hospital. This may stand in the way of a comprehensive bombardment of the entire Gaza City, Gilbert says.

Today, Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent issued a call to the international community to take “measures to prevent another massacre like the one that occurred at the Ahli Baptist Hospital.”

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The organization’s director, Marwan Al-Jilani, told CNN that they had received similar orders in the past, but on Friday they appeared “very serious.”

Refusal to evacuate

The message that the health authorities in Gaza are sending is that they have made an active choice to refuse to evacuate hospitals.

– They won’t evacuate. This was confirmed by the hospital director. Gilbert says they’re doing the same thing as before, and they say they don’t want to expose their patients to what could be a death sentence.


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