Gilmitt’s boss admits there is room for improvement: – There won’t be many of them

Gilmitt's boss admits there is room for improvement: - There won't be many of them
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Sondre Brunstad Bold off the OBOS League bench, Ola Solbakken and Brede Moe who have not bet at Rosenborg, Marius Lode from sometimes tough times at Bryne and Erik Botheim who ended his contract at Lerkendal after a goalless fall at Stabæk.

All are bright stories about players with potential, who for various reasons were not in full bloom. before they come to Bodo.


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The list could have been much longer, but the point is still certain: Bodø/Glimt is currently the best in its class also on the transitional market.

Within Norway, consider.

Because there are also a number of players who came straight across the national border and didn’t notice much and spent short stints in the North.

Like the Estonian national team player Matthias Keit, who disappeared after a short period. Promising Czech striker Tomas Rataj, who disappeared four months before the expiration of his contract, after two matches in the Cup.

Swede Axel Lindahl got a tough job to fill in Philip Zinkernagel’s boots – which is perhaps the best story in recent years straight from SønderjyskE in Denmark with Alfons Sampsted, but he was soon loaned out to the old club and long gone permanent.

There are also strong examples of foreign players who have really risen by staying in Glimt, one can easily list, for example, Amor Layouni and Kasper Junker. But it is common among these that they came to Aspmyra via other Norwegian clubs first (Elverum and Stabæk).

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Therefore, Kjetil Knutsen challenged us on the fact that Glimt has received a lot of praise – well deservedly – for progress in almost all criteria, but this player’s reinforcements from a non-indoor market in Norway are an area for the club to be an opportunity for improvement.

Yes, and I like the approach to the question. It’s important to ask some important questions about what we’re doing, because we’ve received so much compliment, Knutsen tells Discovery as he sat for a quarter-hour conversation at Olival Stadium, where the elite series has set up its so-called kick-off.

– It may have something to do with our culture and the way we work and think. There is just something about those episodes. The closer you are to Bodø, the easier it is to meet a player. Glimt coach continues: I think this applies to all teams in Norway.

As for the core area for them, it becomes ‘the closer, the better’.

– means Nordland, then move north and into the Nordic countries. It’s more difficult and you often pick up a lower shelf when you’re out in Europe. It’s basically very difficult. Our approach was to get closer to our immediate area.

There are many reasons for this.

They should be the ones who understand and understand our culture. Moving to Bodo is also a bit special. It’s not the Gran Canaria you’ll be moving into. It’s a small town, and it can be rough in Bodo. It’s not suitable for everyone, says Knutsen. He explains:

– You somehow can’t get a person who, for example, grew up in France or where you thrive a lot in Bodeaux. There are a lot of things around it. So it was pointed out correctly, but then there may still be surprises and water.

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Even after his two consecutive league gold medals, success against Europe’s big clubs and deferred Champions League qualification, the trend is clear even when the transfer window is now over: no players enter Aspmyra in this window from foreign clubs.

Knutsen still notes that they have such a player on the team now, which is what awaits them very much. At the same time, he concludes, there will be no violent foreign import for the club, despite the increasingly large tasks in Europe.

We have Victor Boniface who has been unlucky with injuries and who we think has very exciting potential. He is from Nigeria. So there is no rule without exception, but there won’t be many of them in Bodo/Glimt, I guess we can say that.

Watch the full interview with Kjetil Knutsen about the new challenge, special selection, RBK and player purchases at the top of the article!

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