May 28, 2023


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Girl in red, a celebrity |  Norwegian Girl in Red Nominated for International Prestige Award: Here's What It Says About Success

Girl in red, a celebrity | Norwegian Girl in Red Nominated for International Prestige Award: Here’s What It Says About Success

Norwegian artists have been nominated at this year’s MTV European Music Awards.

On Sunday, this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards will take place in Budapest, Hungary, where not one but two Norwegian artists will be among the nominees – both Girl in Red and Sigrid.

Girl in Red, or Marie Ulven Ringheim (22) as it is already called, is nominated in the Best Video with a Message and Best Paying Artist category, while Sigrid Raabe (25) could win in the Best Nordic Female Artist or Group category.

In the former category, Girl in Red battles big names like Billie Eilish, Demi Lovato and Harry Styles.

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Before the awards ceremony, Nettavisen had a conversation with the ex, who will also sing in Budapest.

The 22-year-old began her music career in the nursery at Horton’s home – and has been a huge hit since winning Untouched of the Year on P3 just three years ago. Today, Ringheim is famous all over the world, which secured both nominations and a performance at the European Music Awards.

– no expectations

For Nettavisen, the “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” singer does not hide that huge international success is great. But she never expected that to happen.

– I don’t really think I have any expectations, she says and adds:

– I didn’t think I wish I could do this and that now and then. I gave up expectations too early, I always set very low goals for myself.

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When she started, she had only one goal in mind.

– My goal was to make red vinyl. If that was my vision, says the 22-year-old, I should have scored long ago.

«Hardcore» fankare

Under the artist name Girl in Red, she released a red vinyl, and since then it has only gone up.

– So after that I became like: “Okay, I just keep going.” I also did not imagine anything. Other than that I want to make a living from music forever. It is the basis of all my decisions. Everything else will be a bonus, she says.

In just three years, Marie Olvin Ringheim composing music in Horton’s Children’s Room has gone on to have her music recognized around the world. The 22-year-old has also built an impressive fan base, which varies slightly according to her.

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Ulven Ringheim previously mentioned above, among others 730 It is much smaller in Norway than anywhere else. I also noticed this in terms of interest.

– Perhaps the most “hardcore” fans are, abroad, as she tells Netavizin and gives an example:

I had a pop-up concert in Berlin, where hundreds of people stood outside and wanted to attend. And I said since the day before that I’m going to play. It’s very sick, and I can only say that it’s going to happen in a country where I don’t have a history, and there are also hundreds of people coming in. Very sick, but very luxurious.

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