Girlfriend's trip turned into a nightmare

Girlfriend's trip turned into a nightmare

In short

  • Silvia Fuentes and Raymond Haugerud have been ill in Gran Canaria since January 17.
  • They have changed hotels nine times and seen many doctors.
  • Both are very sick and can't express their frustration with the insurance company handling the case and not getting any rest.
  • If the couple is partly responsible for frequent hotel changes, it is normal practice with medical follow-up.

– I'm still sick, my throat has a lot of mucus and my scalp hurts a lot. Same with Raymond, Sylvia sighs.

The couple tries to keep calm in the hotel when a reporter from Dagbladet calls. Hotel number nine to be exact.

What was supposed to be a nine-day lover's trip turned into a nightmare, and Sylvia Fuentes And Raymond Haugerud has now been ill in Gran Canaria since January 17.

It was Canary Newspaper He was the first to point this out.

– Gotta go home

Two days into the vacation, Sylvia becomes ill, and after a trip to the emergency room, she is sent by ambulance to San Roque Hospital. There she was diagnosed with fever, sinusitis and tinnitus.

The doctor tells her that she is too sick to fly, so she must stay on the island until she recovers. Two days later, Raymond also falls ill.

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– The whole system is tight. My ear hurts when I take a lift, so I can't fly. I'm now on my third course of antibiotics and it's a real horse practice. Raymond says I have three serious injections in my ass.

The couple say they want to move home to Norway. But because doctors believe they are not healthy enough to fly, the insurance company won't go home with them until they are declared healthy.

– We want to go home, but if we have to, says Raymond, we need to be “flyable”.

Dagbladet has seen reports from doctors in Gran Canaria which confirm the couple are too ill to fly.

In desperation: The couple says they feel they have become pawns in the system.  Here they stand outside a hospital in Gran Canaria.  Photo: Private

In desperation: The couple says they feel they have become pawns in the system. Here they stand outside a hospital in Gran Canaria. Photo: Private
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– Can't rest

Sylvia and Raymond express great frustration with the insurance company's handling of their case and feel they are not trusted by If's customer handlers.

The doctors' message is clear: the couple needs rest.

But they say that's easier said than done. If you repeatedly ask them to see a new doctor or move to a new hotel.

– We received strict instructions from the doctor to take it easy.

– But we have changed hotels every day and are constantly being referred to different doctors and specialists. We never rest, says Raymond.

They tell Talkblade that they have visited a total of nine hotels since arriving in Gran Canaria on January 10.

– We will be like an eternal toss ball. You are completely burned out and it eats away at our souls. It has turned into a dream, says Sylvia.

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They say they only asked the hotel to change once after discovering black mold in the bathroom. Also, Sylvia is said to have been asked to move to a hotter room in a hotel as she froze with fever.

According to conversations between them and the insurance company to which Canariavisen was granted access, the couple reportedly rejected some hotel proposals from If.

If: – Ordinary practice

On the other hand, if the couple claims they are partly responsible for frequent hotel changes.

– The couple has changed hotels and rooms several times. If's communications manager Sigmund Clements tells Canariavisen that this is often because couples are not satisfied with the quality and facilities at the hotel.

– This is a normal procedure with a doctor's follow-up to check your health and whether you can fly. How close and frequent the follow-up is depends on what's wrong with you, he says.

The couple agreed to hand over information about the case to Canariawissen and Dagbladet.

In general, Clements clarifies to DocBladet that despite a doctor's advice not to fly, there's no stopping him from going home, but he's not responsible for the trip.

– You can go home anytime if you want. But he says you'll be responsible for the trip yourself and keep receipts and such so you can get a refund.

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– People don't trust us

The couple say they can't pay for the return trip and say the insurance company has told them they have to pay for their own meals during their stay.

Since they were already under stress, they had to borrow from friends and family, as well as use a portion of their budget for rent to pay for certain expenses.

They say they tried to form a joint in an effort to raise funds for food. But the fundraising campaign was halted after many accused it of being a fraudulent attempt.

– People don't seem to believe us. When I read the comments on the article in Canariavisen, I was very upset, because many people said that we are scammers and such. We want people to understand the situation, but there was so much negativity, says Raymond.

– It is very tiring, and affects the soul, says Sylvia.

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