June 5, 2023


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Giske Støre - Demands two pension billions from VG

Giske Støre – Demands two pension billions from VG

Back in the course: Trond Kiske rides again. He is now chairman of Nidaro’s Social Democratic Forum.

Trond Giske, former vice president of the Aps, now heads the Labor Party’s second-largest local body. They are demanding two billion at the table for the country’s one million pensioners.


After Kiske resigned as Labor vice-president and disappeared from the starting lineup this fall, he found a new base in Labor:

Nidaro’s Social Democratic Forum was founded last year and has already gained more than 400 members, making it Trondelag’s largest party team and Norway’s second largest after the Oslo Workers Union.

– It’s time to deliver on our promise to retirees, says Kiske.

Nidaro’s Social Democratic Forum adopted a report on pensions at its annual meeting last week.

The war over how to fix pensions. For many years, this was determined to be 0.75 percent lower than employee wage growth.

The Pensioners’ Association, led by its chairman, former LO John Davidson, wants pensions to be based on the average of wage and price growth.

In 2021, both price and wage growth were higher than predicted.

Old Knowledge: Jonas Kar Store and former Labor Vice President Trond Kiske in a discussion two years ago.

– Disappointment

Davidson demanded that the pension be restructured.

At the end of Giske’s Nidaros forum, in December 2021, when the Ministry of Labor presented a plan to adjust only the estimate for wage growth, it was disappointing, stressing that it was not for price growth.

“Two billion less was given to pensioners, which Nidaro’s Social Democrats are demanding to be amended in the revised national budget.

The John Davidson and Retirees Association now receives support from the party’s second-largest local body of 400 members.

Mighty ?: Trond Kiske says he doesn’t think his new local team has much power.

Negotiations on the revised budget are currently in full swing in Sorting.

– We fully support the provision of two billion kroner compensation to pensioners in the revised budget, Giske tells VG.

– Are you saying that the store will fail if the retirees are not compensated?

– I do not use such words, I say I must keep the promise. This is important because retirees have consistently lost purchasing power for many years, and we guarantee that employees will receive real pay growth if they receive real pay growth.

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– Have you now found a political foundation that can give you national influence?

– Although Nidaros is now the second largest in the country, I do not think we have more power alone, but I believe there is widespread support in the party to keep what we have promised.

The government hopes to provide

Secretary of State Steen News (Labor) responds on behalf of the government at the Ministry of Labor and Social Content. He denies the need for post-payment, and the government has now introduced an on-demand system.

– 2021 is an interim year, the end result of which is that pensions have been curtailed by wage growth. From this year onwards, Sorting decided that pensioners could change their pensions on the basis of average wages and rising prices, and the government has now implemented the same.