May 28, 2023


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Github discontinued Atom -

Github discontinued Atom –

Github discontinued the Atom text editor and archived all files associated with the project in December, Github writes on his blog.

Thus, Github is scrapping the text editing project that has been in progress since 2011 and will focus more on cloud-based development through Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Github Codespaces.

In the blog, Github wrote that the stagnation in Atom development and the increase of cloud-based tools are among the reasons they are out of service now.

Now that new cloud-based tools have appeared and been developed in recent years, the participation of the Atom community has decreased significantly. As a result, we’ve opted to turn off Atom, so we can focus on improving developer experiences in the cloud with Github Codespaces, they write on the blog.

Behind a number of well-known programs

In the blog, Github wrote that it was not easy to say goodbye to the program. Electron framework is developed based on Atom. This has allowed the development of many different programs, including Slack communication software, Microsoft Visual Code, and Github Desktop.

Github acknowledges that the program is still in use and that it will take some time to migrate through the system, so news of the program’s termination comes six months before it was removed.

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