– Give them gratitude if you give an interview – VG

- Give them gratitude if you give an interview - VG
Confession Confession: Britney Spears previously stated that her father should have ended up in prison for the control he exercised against her.

Britney Spears (39) is making a huge blow to her family and the guardianship of Instagram.


After years of silence and anxiety over the #FreeBritney movement, it now appears that Britney Spears, 39, is regaining her freedom of expression. On Thursday, the artist fired shots on his Instagram account.

There she writes about the fear for her future and the anger at the system that has made it possible to keep her under tutelage and tight control since much talk of a mental breakdown in 2007.

Feeling anxious to make a mistake

– I want to be honest and say I waited really long to get out of the situation I’m in… Now that this has happened, I’m afraid to do something because I’m afraid to make a mistake!!! Spears writes.

– I’ve been told for many years that if you succeed at things, the situation may end…and it never ends!!! I have worked hard, but now that it is time and guardianship is getting closer and closer to termination, I am so happy, but there is so much that scares me!!!

A mother of two complains about aggressive paparazzi and says she hates that they try to scare her and jump. She experiences it as “they want me to do something crazy” and expresses that this prevents her from revealing life because she is afraid of doing something wrong.

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The pop star also shared a photo of a lavishly decorated Christmas tree at home in his living room.

It is common in the United States to start decorating early with three consecutive celebrations: Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. However, very few people set up a Christmas tree before December 1.

Supported by Fans: The #FreeBritney movement has always believed that Britney is actually living almost like a prisoner. Here they are protesting on behalf of the pop star on March 17, 2021.

Spears believes she hasn’t done anything to suggest she should be treated as she was 13 years ago:

– The system terrifies me and I wish to live in another country!!! She writes and announces that she will celebrate an extra Christmas early this year.

– why not ??? !!! I think any reason to find more pleasure in life is a good one, as Spears stresses and stresses that she should do things differently than before.

Trio: (FF) Britney, actress and artist’s little sister Jamie Lynn and mother Lynne Spears photographed at a hospital in Chicago in 2007 – the year Britney shocked the world by shaving her hair and having a mental breakdown.

angry at family

She beats her family hard:

– Blessing with them if you do an interview!!! Razer Spears.

The 39-year-old is still far from the entertainment industry, which she describes as the only thing she’s ever known.

– That’s why this is so confusing to me, she explains.

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Britney’s attorney: Matthew Rosengart is now representing Britney Spears. Here he is photographed outside a courtroom in Los Angeles on September 29.

On November 12, the probate court hearing is expected to end. Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has already been stripped of the role of overseer over his daughter’s life and career.

A temporary guardian was appointed to look after Britney’s interests throughout the year.

After her father was appointed guardian, Britney Spears got her own attorney, Matthew Rosengart.

On September 29, a Los Angeles judge suspended Jimmy Spears from the role of guardian, stating that his father’s control of his daughter “reflects a toxic environment.”

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Watch the “Controlling Britney Spears” documentary from 2021:

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