Gjesdal – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio Rock fell from hillside and went through roof and car.

Gjesdal – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio Rock fell from hillside and went through roof and car.

There were no injuries, but there was material damage to the building, police told NRK.

The stone hit the building housing the Gjesdal municipality office. The municipality should take further action.

Orstein Skjevland is the municipal manager for culture and society at Kjestal.

The building was evacuated

About 20 employees have now been evacuated from the building where Skjæveland works.

No one was in the office when the stone went through the roof after 11.30.

Photo: Private

– The building has been evacuated, so we can’t go there now. People ate lunch in a public place. They hear the crash, then they check and see a rock or two and a broken car. Later, when they went into the office, they saw that there was a stone there.

He wasn’t there when it happened.

– It gave a different feeling.

He says the municipality should contact the insurance company and all agencies to inform them.

Stones like footballs

– There are also geotechnical experts to find out how serious it is and what we should do next. All employees have been sent home to home offices or other premises, Skjæveland says.

A stone hit a building and a car at Algård in Gjesdal
Photo: Hanne Høyland / NRK

Siri Segrove is in charge of emergency preparedness in Eyane Municipality.

– There is no one in the office at this time. We were having lunch when we heard a loud noise. “We went out and saw rocks the size of a football,” he says Gjesdalbuen.

A stone hit a car at Algård in Gjesdal

Stone inside a car parked outside the premises of Gjesdal municipality.

Photo: Heidi Karin Kielje Skog

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