Gjøvik – NRK Innlandet – Serious traffic accident on rv 4 on local news, TV and radio

Kø på riksveg 4 etter trafikkulykke.

Police received a report of an accident after 09:00 this morning between Gjøvik and Mjøsbrua.

A car and a truck collided in the 80 zone.

– This was a very serious accident, Frode Øvreås, Operations Manager of the Interior Police, told NRK.

Now the police have confirmed that the driver of the car died in the accident. The man died on the spot.

Relatives have been informed.

No more than two drivers were involved in the accident. The truck driver must be physically unharmed.

The reason is not known

The accident happened about four kilometers north of the center of Gjøvik on National Highway 4 between Gjøvik and Mjøsbrua.

Location of the accident: The accident occurred on National Highway 4 between Gijovic and Mjospruit.

The sequence of events is currently unknown. The car and the lorry went separate ways, but police are yet to say what caused the collision.

Police forensic technicians are now on their way to the scene of the accident.

Operations manager Frode Øvreås said they had received no reports of particularly difficult driving conditions in the area in question today.

Confusion on the freeway

National Highway 4 was closed for several hours at the scene of the accident. County Road 2410 had a detour sign for passenger cars, but then there was the usual confusion.

Joy: Queues and chaos on the bypass as several cars tumbled down.

Photo: Bjørn Opsahl / NRK

Very slippery roads caused many cars to skid or get stuck, unable to move forward or backward for long periods of time.

Due to the accident on the national highway, street drivers were also unable to get there.


Highway 4 was reopened to traffic shortly after 2:30 this afternoon.

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