Glenn Solberg set a record with Sweden – he won 35 (!)

Glenn Solberg set a record with Sweden – he won 35 (!)
Smiling allowed: Perhaps Norwegian handball coach Glenn Solberg could smile. He secured a Swedish record after the match against Uruguay.

(Uruguay-Sweden 12-47) Uruguay became fastball when Sweden’s Glenn Solberg lobbed the ball into the hat with the opposition. Now, the Norwegian has also confirmed that Sweden broke their own record.


Never before has the Swedish national handball team won by such a large margin. 35 goals separated Sweden and Uruguay on Monday night in Gothenburg.

Aftonbladet writes that the “nice brother” won 33 against Australia in 2005, but 18 years later, Norway’s Glenn Solberg ensured that record was broken.

It was a great handball match. We stay focused for 60 minutes and that can be difficult in these types of games. It was a perfect evening for us,” the Norwegian coach said in an interview with Sweden’s Viaplay after the match.

– It’s great, it’s fun to make a record, he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Today we see a lot of players coming in and doing well. It will be difficult to get a team forward, but that’s only good.

The team’s 22-year-old culprit, Erik Johansson, became a particularly hot topic in the Swedish studio after that.

He will be one of the best players in the world. There is no doubt about that. 19 amazing goals. But we’ll give it some time, Solberg said. The boy was born in 2000.

It was all fun and exciting for Sweden fans in their Great Hall on the West Coast, where nearly 12,000 people witnessed the history of handball. However, Swedish star Jim Gottfredsson believes that there is a very big difference in level between the teams in the World Cup:

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– There will be a lot of ‘blåbär matches’, he told Aftonbladet when asked if there were too many 32 nations at the World Cup.

Leading 25-8 at half time was the happy reality for the home crowd in Scandinavia, Gothenburg. And then the match was effectively peppered.

In the first half, the Swede Hampus One scored ten goals.

The Swedish newspaper Express He summed it up nicely:

– Yes, there is probably not much to say about it here. Uruguay is simply too bad. Great if you like a lot of goals, this is it, but it’s not a big handball match, as the newspaper wrote in its live coverage.

Here you can see the highlights and judge for yourself if it is a ‘big handball match’:

In the second half, the Swedes continued their great game. In the previous match, they let Cape Verde into the match again after the break. It was a clear goal not to happen this time.

For Glenn Solberg’s men, they were not far from doubling their lead since the first half. It finally ended with a 47-12 victory.

  • Norway plays its third match on Tuesday evening against the Netherlands at 20:30 on TV 3. Men’s handball won 32-21 against Argentina on Sunday after beating North Macedonia 39-27 in the first match last Friday.
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