Glimt’s success could force NFF to move cup final – now hard work awaits in April – VG

Glimt's success could force NFF to move cup final - now hard work awaits in April - VG

(Bodø / Glimt – Lillestrøm 4–1) After securing a cup semi-final spot in a superior fashion, the table shows that Bodø / Glimt will face nine matches in 27 days in April.


After impressive progress in the Europa League Conference League against Dutchman AZ Thursday (4-3 overall), they turned 0-1 into a 4-1 win over Lillstrom in the Cup quarter-finals on Sunday night.

This means that the semi-final match will end on April 21. The original date, April 6, would be the day before the first match of the two quarter-final matches against Roma in the European Cup. And if Kjetil Knutsen again beats Jose Mourinho in two matches, the semi-finals in Europe will be just two days before the Norwegian Cup final. This means that it must also be moved – if Glimt goes to the final.

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We have to look at solutions then, yes. He’s in Bodø now and has a good conversation about NC and the European Cup, Norwegian Football Association event director Ron Pedersen told VG.

Can the trophy ever be paid out?

– It might be related, Pedersen answers.

The European success of Bodo/Glimt led to the emergence of the short term for the Norwegian Football Association. Among other things, the cup match against Alesund was not played properly. Glimt had a quick run and secured a 3-0 win when the match couldn’t be moved to something that would suit both teams, and the NFL admitted that they did not consider Bodo/Glimt’s planning to move to Celtic in the round of 16 European League conference.

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– Maybe we weren’t prepared well. We stopped by last year and thought we should solve it within the list of terms, Pedersen says.

There will also be spells in the Elite Series. The match against Sandefjord in the second round was moved one day, from Saturday 9 to Sunday 10 April, between the two quarter-final matches against Roma.

– It is a puzzle and solitaire game. Just look at the dates, they are very packed and demanding. Pedersen says that at certain intervals they should expect three matches a week, other teams must accept transfer matches – and adds that a common understanding and strategy in Norwegian football should be done by Norwegian teams as best they can in Europe.

Totally in a smile: Elias Kristoffersen Hagen was put on break and only spent eight minutes scoring past Lillestrøm.

In Sunday’s cup quarter-final against league leaders Lillstrom last year, Glimt came under 0-1 after a superb one-man performance by Vettel Dragsons. He lured Lillestrøm left-back Sigurd Kvile and hit the ball into the short corner behind Nikita Haikin.

After Glimt’s constant pressure, Runar tricked Espejord into a tie across the post. But the question is whether Lillestrøm should have earned a penalty when Lars Ranger went to the ground within 16 meters in a Brice Wembangomo duel just before the break.

But in the second half there was no doubt. Glimt was filled with attacks and targets, as often happens in Aspmyra. The first substitute player is Elias K. Hagen definitely enters 2-1 in a pass from Amal Pellegrino. The latter mis-signed him three minutes before the end, before another substitute – striker Victor Boniface – broke through in the fourth game from distance.

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everything Are they better than us. It’s hard to admit we’re too late, Lillstrom coach Geir Buck admits to NRK.

Kjetil Knutsen made three substitutions from the eleven people who started the 120th minute against AZ on Thursday – a relatively large number for the Glimt coach. However, Elias K. Hagen said veteran Ulrich Saltens entered the field in the second half. Saltens contributed a goal to Pellegrino’s strike.

– When we roll a little in the team, we have a fairly full seat. It might have been crucial at the end of the day, Saltnis tells State Channel.

– We knew we had to dig deep to do a proper job. We do it well, says Runar Espejord.

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