– Go to school and get a life, not killed – Viji

- Go to school and get a life, not killed - Viji
Memorial: Several candles and flowers were lit around a picture of a 20-year-old man who was shot dead outside a Lofsrot school this week.

MORTENSRUD (VG) Hundreds of people gathered outside Laughsrut School to remember a 20-year-old man who was killed earlier this week. Many wiped away the tears and put flowers.


Hundreds of rose bouquets in all colors, a picture of a dead man lighting candles. On Saturday night, family and friends gathered around the scene of the shooting outside of Lofsrot School in Mortens Road.

Many wiped away the tears and those who came hugged each other.

– Farid Bauras says he should go to school and get a life, not be killed.

He was the assistant lawyer for the survivors, and he came out of school.

– Except for the blue color

The young man on Thursday night (20) Shot several times When hanging out with friends outside of school. He is Friday Was pronounced dead After being taken to the hospital.

– The family is broken. They are in indescribable pain, Bauras says.

He says there were 15-16 young people together outside school on Thursday night. It is said that a tall man wearing a mask approached them and opened fire.

They sat there every day, and then it suddenly happened – out of the blue.

Lawyer: Assistant Attorney Farid Prasad says the survivors are in a lot of trouble after the murder.

No arrests have been made so far in this case.

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– Unfortunately he was shot, the assistant lawyer continues.

There is hope that he may be arrested

He is surrounded by young people, children and adults.

– Many coming means a lot. It’s hot. But when they go home, that’s when the pain comes, says Bauras.

– Now funerals can be a painful process, he adds.

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Zahid Patti was one of those who said a few words to those present.

– Brother, you missed so much, he began.

– We still can’t lose.

He did preventive work after January 10 last year. Then Hull became Kara He was shot outside a fast-food restaurant called Princeton.

In Oslo, seven people have been shot dead during five shooting episodes in Oslo in the past seven weeks, and police have yet to find any connection.

The family now hopes to be arrested in Thursday’s murder.

– They respect the work of the police. The family thinks this is very sad.

– Very quickly tell whether the shooting was aimed at one person or shot in the direction of several people standing together. It is not clear now how this was targeted, says Great Lyon Medlit.

The Oslo police district says the police are not ready to issue a warrant to search for the head of the investigation and investigation and the culprit.

Scene: Forensic scientists working at the scene outside the school after Thursday’s shooting.
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