Going hard on Prince Harry:

Going hard on Prince Harry:

the past few years Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) I stood in several storms of criticism. Among other things, they made headlines after a lengthy discussion opera interview Last year, the couple went out against the British royal family.

Now the prince is being punished again for disobeying his family.

“very sad”

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are said to have paid hundreds of millions of kroner from Netflix, which is producing a documentary series about their lives, he writes Swedish women’s magazine.

At the same time, the fifth season of “The Crown”, which revolves around the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, is approaching. Netflix series It has received criticism in the past So as not to make it clear to viewers that the series is fiction.

swipe now Daily messages Outstanding, Sarah Fine, Prince for accepting money from a streaming service that “takes advantage of his family” shortly after his grandmother’s death.

“Harry has never hidden the fact that he hates those he believes have persecuted his mother to death. So sad that he will end up on the payroll of those who make her life and the rest of the royal family’s pain in the entertainment business,” she wrote in the Daily Mail.

not traditional: King Charles III is making the headlines once again, this time after his meeting with British Prime Minister Liz Truss. Reporter: Christina H. Cornleusen / Dagbladet TV
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Vine thinks it’s very disrespectful to Netflix publishing “The Crown,” but you can’t necessarily blame them for doing their job. Prince Harry, on the other hand, is fiercely opposed.

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These are his alleged loved ones, his family, his father and grandmother, who are being exploited. Maybe you thought he had nothing to do with the perpetrators at least, and maybe he’s talking against them.”

Netflix turns

Last week, acting legend Judi Dench (87) threw herself into the debate. She called the series “horribly unfair” due to its portrayal of the royal family. I did it in a post on times.

She believes it’s time for Netflix to warn viewers that not everything in the series is real.

First letter: At 19.00 on Friday 9 September, King Charles spoke for the first time as King. It happened just a day after the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death at the age of 96. Video: Reuters
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Earlier, a spokesperson for “The Crown” stated that they would not warn viewers that many of the scenes are fiction, according to BBC.

BBC He writes that Netflix has placed a warning on the fifth season trailer for “The Crown.”

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