Golberg and Roth to the Olympics – VG

Golberg and Roth to the Olympics - VG

Cross-country skater Harald Østberg Amundsen (23) is not allowed to play in Beijing. On Monday, 18 new athletes received a ticket to enter China.


– It was actually a little bit as I expected. Suggest Roth has been doing better than me lately. I had had Trouble with Tor D Ski 15km into the heat, which should have been avoided if you were on the right side of the Olympic team, Amundsen tells VG.

Management across the country has chosen to award Anne Kjersti Kalvå, Mathilde Myhrvold, Pål Golberg and Sjur Røt the last four spots on the Olympic team.

– It’s very good. I really got out. As was the case in Tour de Ski, I feel like I have something to do in China. Roth tells VG that it was, so I’m glad it went my way.

He understands if Amundsen is frustrated, but has no doubt that the 23-year-old will get chances later.

– Harald is still young and promising. He barely won the World Cup last year before he won the World Cup medal. Perhaps the most promising young man we have in Norway. Roth says he has qualities that transcend many of us.

You should stay at home: Harald Østberg Amundsen (right) cheered for World Cup bronze in Oberstdorf, but didn’t get a chance at the Olympics, Hans Christer Holund took the gold, while Simen Hegstad Krüger won the silver.

In the same race in Oberstdorf that Amundsen missed, he came root on the platform.

– I have ambitions to fight for a medal, says the veteran from Voss.

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Amundsen Talk Bronze in the 15 km freestyle at Oberstdorf a year ago, and was nominated for “Breakthrough of the Year” at the Sports Gala. But the Olympic debut will take place in Italy in 2026 at the earliest, as it appears now.

– You did everything in every race to get to the right side, so it’s hard to crash into a goal you had in your head, but the knocked out team is right. You always get disappointed when you don’t achieve goals and you don’t achieve dreams. But I neither lie nor cry, says Amundsen.

– I tried to do everything, but there were those who were better than me. The Olympics in Italy might be the perfect timing for me.

No place has been found for Ragnhild Haga, the defending champion at 10km, after the victory in Pyeongchang four years ago.

The Twelve Olympic Summit presented in the second round on Monday afternoon.

  • Cross-country skiing: Pål Golberg, Sjur Røthe, Anne Kjersti Kalvå, Mathilde Myhrvold
  • biathlon: Philip Feild-Andersen, Seifert Gutturm Bakken, Emily Kalkenberg, Caroline Knuten, Ingrid Landmark Tandefold
  • ice skates: Martin Ribsrud, Julie Nystad Samsonsen
  • skateboard: Hanne Eilertsen

The third withdrawal will take place on January 18. The Beijing Olympics start on February 4.

These six have been selected for the Paralympic Games, which begins on March 4th:

  • nets: Jostein Stordahl, Ole Fredrik Syversen, Sissel Løchen, Geir Arne Skogstad, and Mia Larsen Sveberg.
  • Biathlon: Nils Eric Olsett

Previously, 47 athletes were selected for the Olympics:

The net (men):

  • Marcus Hoiberg
  • Magnus Niedregoten
  • Torger Niergaard
  • Magnus Wagberg
  • Stephen Walstad
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Curling (double mixed):

  • Magnus Nedregotten and Kristin Moen Skaslien


  • Ferdinand Dahl
  • Sandra E
  • Johan Kelly
  • Christian Nomidal
  • Burke Road


  • Aspen Andersen
  • Espen Dalhaug Björnstad
  • Jürgen Neiland Graback
  • Jens Loras Oftebro
  • Jarl Magnus Reaper

Cross-country skiing:

  • Maiken Caspersen Vala
  • Helen Vossholm
  • Hans Christer Holland
  • Emile Iverson
  • Therese Juhaug
  • Johannes Husfluth Klapow
  • Simin Hegstad Kreuger
  • Harvard Solos Tougbol
  • Eric Valens
  • Heidi Wong
  • Lotta Udnis Wong
  • Terrell Odense Wong


  • Johannes Thingness Poe
  • Targy Bo
  • Vetle Sjåstad Kristiansen
  • Terrell Campenhaug Eckhof
  • Ida Lin
  • Storla Holm Legend
  • Marty Olspo Rosland

ice skates:

  • Marit Velanger Boom
  • Alan D. Johansson
  • Hallgeir Engebråten
  • Sophie Caroline Hogan
  • Peder Kongchoge Stavanger
  • Harvard Holmfjord Lorentzen
  • Bjorn Magnussen
  • Lund Pedersen Ambassador
  • Christian Jam Ollycliffe
  • Rani Weklund


  • Marcus Cleveland
  • Mons Rosland

note! No jumpers have been released yet.

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