Good to start

Good to start

Leirfivellandet’s first reading test:

After having to postpone the show twice, Tuva Telstad is now ready to kick-off with the self-produced Leirfivellandet. The first reading test was on Saturday, and the premiere is scheduled for August 2022.

Initially, Tuva was scheduled to prepare the play in 2019. Then she was hoping to be able to prepare the show this summer. Because of the pandemic, it has been postponed again, but now tests are finally underway.

“However, we only have the performance skeleton ready,” says Tuva Telstad. The passage of history is clear, some songs, but we lack a lot of dialogue. It is a process. The end result is created with the players, constructive proposals have already been made. It seems that people are engaged.

Full focus: Göran Polmi, Ragnhild Mogstad and Lacey Loveldley

Heating in the mirror room.  Linda, Alpha Lisa and Maya Putine

Heating in the mirror room. Linda, Alpha Lisa and Maya Putine

The songs to be included are based on Famntak’s music. Tuva says she listened a lot to Famntak, but then started listening to the lyrics, finding out that the songs tell a story. In the end, she got attached to the idea of ​​a lady’s life that she had heard a lot about in her childhood.


I’ve always heard of great-grandmother Evarda Strand, and that she was a tough lady. She lived in poor conditions in Ora in the 1920s with no less than ten children. Eventually, she also lost her husband, and had to feed herself and her children by washing clothes. The story loosely revolves around her life.

Evarda’s goal was for her children to live a better life than she did. So there is some hope in the story. The title Leirfivellandet refers to heaven or nirvana, or whatever you want to name it; A better place than this.


Tuva works as a cultural consultant in the municipality of Bærum, in addition to training to become a wig maker. She has worked a lot in the theater, but it is preferable to be behind the scenes. Now she wanted to work more creatively than do paperwork. Eventually, the idea of ​​directing his play grew.

So this will be your first directing appearance, then?

Yes, if you can call it that, then Tuva smiles humbly.

– This is new to me, but with me is Maria Cecily Sandbeck, an actress and playwright. The two met in Gålå during Peer Gynt’s staging. There they also met the man who would be the musical director of Leirfivellandet, Andreas Andersen.

outdoor scene

The widget will be created in Hamnes with a fjord background. An outdoor theater will be built there. Tuva shows a diagram of the stage that will span several floors.

The work will be funded by sponsorship funds, various support systems and ticket sales. Tuva says they’ve had a very good response from sponsors.

This is what the outdoor theater in Hamnes is supposed to be like

This is what the outdoor theater in Hamnes is supposed to be like

I need more

So far, only three roles have been filled, Hanne Moen Fiske will play Ivarda, while Line Indergård will play Ivarda’s companion and friend. Evarda’s husband, Karl, will be translated by Goran Polmi.

About ten people showed up for the first reading test, but only a small part of the crew was needed. Tuva envisions 20-40 people on stage. Among other things, they need a number of additions to play the villagers. Tuva assures that you don’t have to sing to join. Also, a behind-the-scenes volunteer is needed.

– Just to show who wants to join. We plan to take two reading tests now before Christmas, and then we’ll ramp up the tests until the premiere on August 27.

Information about the game can be found at

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