May 22, 2022


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Google accused of theft: weak in lawsuit against Sonos

Google accused of theft: weak in lawsuit against Sonos

Google and Sonos have been embroiled in a semi-public feud over the past two years that has also involved some legal battles. After a lawsuit was filed in early 2020, a preliminary decision was made accusing Google of infringing several Sonos patents.

Google infringes ‘five Sonos patents’

Sonos legal director Eddie Lazarus announced yesterday that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has delivered a preliminary ruling in Sonos’ patent dispute with Google. Administrative Judge Charles Bullock says Google has infringed “five Sonos patents”.

We are pleased to confirm ITC’s clear infringement of Sonos’ patented inventions. This decision underscores the strength and breadth of our portfolio, and represents a promising milestone in our long-term efforts to defend our innovation against the misuse of big tech monopolies.

Eddie Lazarus, Sonos

Clear and intentional copying

Sonos previously claimed that Google “openly and deliberately” copied Sonos technology for use in Google Assistant speakers. If the lawsuit succeeds, it could lead to ITC cracking down on several Google hardware products, including smart speakers, Chromecast and even Google Pixel smartphones.

We don’t use Sonos technology, we compete on the quality of our products and the benefits of our ideas. We do not agree with the initial decision and will make our case in continuing the process.


I’d love to sue Amazon too

Today’s ruling is not final. The ruling is expected on December 13, and if the initial decision is upheld, it will take effect 60 days later.

Sonos stated in 2020 that they would also like to sue Amazon for stealing their technology, but they prioritized Google because they don’t have the ability to handle two parallel court cases with these resourceful companies.

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ITAVISEN: Amazon responds to Sonos’ accusations: – We tried to be a good partner for them

Google also faces similar threats in Germany. Google also filed a lawsuit against Sonos.