Google, AI | Google is changing the search engine everyone uses

Google, AI |  Google is changing the search engine everyone uses

Silicon Valley, USA (Nettavisen): The stage is set for Google's annual developers conference in California.

– This is Google's version of says CEO Sundar Pichai of the theater.

This year, artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips.

The company introduced a number of new releases and updates at the conference on Tuesday:

  • Google offers one New version of chatbot “Gemini». The new Gemini 1.5 Flash model will be Google's fastest chatbot yet, the tech giant reports. Some of the strengths of Gemini 1.5 Flash would be summaries, image and video translation, and data extraction from longer documents and tables. The current 1.5 Pro model has also been improved.
  • The service will also help you clean up your email. You should be able to ask if you missed important emails or be able to get a summary of a Google Meet meeting.

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Change the search engine

  • Gemini will leave their mark too The famous search engine Google. “The search engine will be able to do more than you can imagine,” Google says. Instead of having to search for the most useful articles from a Google search, KI will now find them for you. Google will research, simplify, research, plan and brainstorm. You will also be able to ask questions using the video. The AI ​​overview model has been tested at Search Labs and will now be available to hundreds of millions of US users. Google had a 94 percent market share in Norway in March 2024, according to statistics. It is not known when the update will arrive in Europe, but the tech giant reported that more countries will be able to access it soon.

Liz Read, head of Google Search, says AI Overviews will reach more than a billion people within the year.

“You can ask all your questions and get an overview in seconds,” says Reed from the stage.

She uses a yoga studio as an example. You should be able to find the best studio, know how far it will take you and what the studios offer in a little fact box.

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New projects in image generation

  • “Veo” and Imagen 3 are two new projects of Google In the field of generating videos and images. Veo should be able to create videos that are very close to what the user envisions. The service will also be able to produce more visual styles. Imagen 3 will be Google's best text-to-image template yet, according to the giant. The model should be able to do this Better understanding of language and attention to detail. Veo and Imagen 3 are only available to a select group of users right now. You can register on the waiting list.

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Work for a personal assistant

Today's chatbot already has many functions that offer a kind of personal assistant. Now Google is rolling out more.

  • The new job in “Gemini” should be able to do this Plan your trip from A to Z. Google will be able to retrieve information about your flight and hotel from the calendar and create a detailed vacation plan.
  • Subscribers will also be able to create Personal chatbotslike a running coach or a chef.
  • the service Gemini Live It will be available to “Gemini Advanced” subscribers in a couple of months. using Speech technology One should e.g He can prepare for a job interview and get advice On how to improve. During the year, a video version will also be available so the chatbot can comment on what it sees around you.

  • Google is also developing its global AI assistant, Astra. The company has made progress, but is struggling to get the response time down to what a normal call would be. The assistant should be able to tell you what street you're on and where you left your glasses and make creative suggestions.

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