May 28, 2023


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Google Duo and Meet merging

Google Duo and Meet merging

Google is merging Duo video chat service with Meet video conferencing service into a service that has features from both services. Google writes on its blog.

Google wrote that it is upgrading Duo to include all features of Google Meet. The goal is to coordinate so that Google has one platform for all video calls. Duo is a video calling app created by Google to compete with Apple’s Facetime. The application works on all platforms.

Over the next few weeks, the app will slowly get features from Google Meet. Google also wrote that later this year, the Duo app will change its name to Google Meet.

No features will be removed. Google Meet will continue to retain features that allow users to make video calls by calling an associated phone number or google account. Plus the ability to connect via Nest Home Helpers.

Several in the same conversation

For each individual user, the merger will not constitute significant changes beyond the disappearance of the Duo brand, along with all existing Duo functionality. One of the improvements that comes with the integration is that you can now make video calls in the app that supports up to 100 participants. Previously, the limit was in Duo 32, as well as the ability to make background changes in video calls, and not just in meetings.

Google is notorious for killing services. Duo has become another Google subsidiary for something else.

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