Google launches “Duet AI”: this is how artificial intelligence will change Google tools

Google launches “Duet AI”: this is how artificial intelligence will change Google tools

Microsoft has already injected a strong dose of AI technology into its applications in the form of its Copilot solution, and now Google is following suit – in its own way. Company announce That “Duet AI” is now widely available to the masses.

Amnesty International Duet It was first announced in May this year It is a generative AI assistant that acts as an assistant to many of Google’s productivity apps under the Workspace umbrella, in much the same way Microsoft did with Office apps.

Create ready-made presentations

So the idea behind the new batch is to help the user raise the efficiency and quality of work, by relieving much of the heavy work of the AI ​​assistant.

For example, Duet AI can be used to create complete presentations in Google Presentations with both text, graphics and images, based on relevant content in Google Drive or Gmail – using simple natural language instructions.

This technology can also be used to create images based on text instructions in a presentations application, unlike the image generator that Microsoft has integrated into Bing.

In Google Sheets, Duet AI can help the user organize data, and the app can even come up with an entire plan based on short descriptions of what you’re trying to achieve – for example, planning conferences and the like.

Not least, Google has integrated its AI assistant into Meet, where it can, among other things, create unique backgrounds for video conferencing. Google will also roll out facial recognition functionality in Meet, which gives all participants a separate video path with names, so all participants will be tagged.

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Among other things, Duet AI can create photos for you in the Google Slides app. Image: Google

Real time translations

We’re also working on a translation function in Meet that will recognize when participants are speaking in another language and translate automatically in real time. This function should support 18 languages, but Google didn’t say anything about whether Norwegian is among them. Duet AI should be able to take notes during meetings and generate summaries that can be sent to participants after the meeting.

In Google Docs, Duet AI can help write different types of text documents, and it can also help in other ways, for example by entering variables that the user can fill in themselves – such as the name of the company.

On the security side, Google means that all interactions with Duet AI remain private. No other user will see any of the data, and Google will not use the data to continue training its models without the user’s consent.

If you’d like to test Duet AI for Workspace, you can register your interest by signing up for the Duet AI for Workspace This page Fill in information about the company.

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