June 8, 2023


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Google makes it easy to receive iMessages on Android phones

Google makes it easy to receive iMessages on Android phones

Google is now rolling out an update to Google Messages that will make it more understandable for Android phones to receive messages from those who use iMessage with an iPhone, Apple Insider reports.

Many people use these services to send messages to each other and plain text is not often an issue. But if you, for example, give a reaction emoji to a message via iMessage, this has so far come to the fore as a block of text in someone using Google Messages.

But an update is clearly on the way, although we checked in the morning without any further success. So it may seem that it will take some time before it is in place for Norwegian users.

With the update in place, you should now be able to see the reply emoji you receive from an iMessage user the normal way. However, it turns out that not all reactions will be completely identical.

According to Apple Insider, for example, reactions like Apple’s heart will appear as the “eyes of the heart” of a person using Google Messages. Another example is Apple’s laughing emoji, which will apparently appear as a laughing face to those with Android phones.

However, these emojis are quite similar in meaning, so it’s hard to get major misunderstandings even if they aren’t exactly the same.

So far, there have been a number of messages in iMessage that have created a wonder for those who use Android phone and Google Messages.

One example that stands out is if an iMessage user posted a reaction with a heart emoji. Then there will be a separate message where it says, for example: Put a heart by ┬źNormal letters┬╗.

With a little imagination, you can of course think about what is meant, but we still think now that it would be easier now for the emoji to be displayed in a more natural way.

(Source: Apple from the inside)

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