November 30, 2022


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Google, Maps |  This car is on a very special mission in Narvik

Google, Maps | This car is on a very special mission in Narvik

On Friday, Google in Narvik was photographing the streets up and down with its Google Street View vehicle. The car has a very special camera on the roof that constantly takes pictures of roads all over the world, including Narvik.

all over the world

With this 360-degree camera, Google is all over the world, has become the world’s largest photo collection, which is the basis for Google Street View.

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Google roams the Norwegian streets from May to September. The car uses eight cameras and a laser radar to create a 3D effect. The car is driven at normal speed as the pictures are taken completely automatically.

Due to privacy regulations, it varies slightly from country to country regarding how much you can photograph, or whether you are allowed to photograph at all. In Norway, people who end up too close to the camera are not recognizable, nor are the car numbers that appear.

In 2010, the service was launched in Norway, taking pictures of Norwegian roads with a car camera.

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Google Street View Facts

Google Street View is a service within Google Maps and Google Earth that provides a 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic view of a number of locations along roads (approximately one image per 10-20 metres) around the world, from a height of approximately 2.5 metres. Street View was launched on May 25, 2007, and has gradually expanded to include more cities, and in those cities, more streets, as well as some rural areas.

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Google Street View displays images captured with a 360-degree camera placed on the roof of a fleet Chevrolet Cobalt in North America, Opel Astra in Europe, Holden Astra in Australia and New Zealand, Toyota Prius in Japan, Fiat Stilo in Brazil, Toyota Yaris in South Africa and Pontiac G5 in Mexico. Areas not accessible by car are sometimes covered, such as pedestrian areas, narrow streets, ski slopes, etc. Google Trikes (tricycle) or snowmobiles. In each of these cars there is a 360-degree camera, a GPS unit for positioning and three laser scanners that measure up to 50 meters 180 degrees in front of the car. Google users also have the option to upload their 360-degree photos to the service.

Source: Wikipedia

Backpack camera

Later, Google also equipped its employees with backpacks with cameras, so that there are also photos of places where there are no roads, such as the Grand Canyon, which is one of the largest tourist attractions in the United States.

In Narvik, the car was seen on the streets of downtown on Friday afternoon. Among others at Dronningens Gate and Tøttaveioen where it was parked.

So to speak, all streets of a given size, both in Narvik Municipality and Norway in general, are photographed using Google Camera cars. However, in the center of Narvik there are a number of uncovered streets. These are some of the new routes in Skistua. Hopefully these will be in place after you visit Google.