Google with Free Party Pack for all Android phones

Google with Free Party Pack for all Android phones

Google rolls out many new features for all Android phones with apps installed over the course of days and weeks.

Google summarizes the new features:

“Android is constantly adding features to better connect with the people and devices around you. Today we’re introducing a suite of updates to help your phone stand out like you. From more expressive ways to message your friends, to subtle and smart upgrades to entertainment and accessibility, to make sure every interaction with your Android device Yours will be more useful than before.”

The first is Gboard which can convert text into small images that can be sent no matter what software you’re using.

Subwoofer as the name implies is something completely different and is intended for people with hearing impairments:

The app uses the phone’s microphone to pick up more ambient sounds and “with today’s upgrade, the level of ambient noise is reduced,” reports Google, which also says the app is faster, the sound is more accurate and the interface is easier to use.

A lookout for those with poor eyesight

Next out is an app for people with low vision or blind people. Lookout uses your camera to retrieve information about the world around you.

With the new picture mode, you can hear a description of the picture as soon as you open it from almost every app. Additionally, improvements such as Text Mode, Document Mode, Food Label, and Explore Mode are included.

Lookout now also works without WiFi or computer networks.

Use Play Points to pay

Google Play Points can now be used in the app at checkout “without having to leave your favorite app or game.”

You can pay for the product in full using Play Points, or divide it with points and another payment method. Norway is on the list of supported countries so this opportunity will come in a few weeks.

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