June 9, 2023


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Google With Smartwatch Plans Next Year, You Could Get Something Competitors Dream About

Google With Smartwatch Plans Next Year, You Could Get Something Competitors Dream About

There are rumors these days that Google is in full swing in developing its first smartwatch.

frameless watch

interested in trade Reports suggest that Google has given the smartwatch the codename “Rohan” and that it will launch sometime in 2022. The big news is that the watch will likely be made without bezels: Google opts for a circular design, devoid of the physical bezels that normally surround smartwatches.

Whether it ended up being called “Pixel Watch” or something like that is not known, but here one must remember that a few years ago Google was so close to releasing a smartwatch called just – that at the last minute they decided not to do so because it “wasn’t worthy of the name Pixel.

Google’s smartwatch plans aren’t much different from what we’ve seen from other manufacturers with it. It would be a typical smartwatch and all this means: a day of use on a full charge, a sensor to measure heart rate and so on.

Engadget states that the watch will be more expensive than FitBit, and will compete with the Apple Watch.

A bragging platform for Wear OS?

The main thing is that Rohan, like Pixel phones, could become a bragging platform for Google, Wear OS 3 in the case of smartwatches. It’s called a bragging system in the sense that Google can use its own watch to show what Wear OS can do.

Apple has a pretty good grip on the smartwatch market despite the fact that we’ve seen a bunch of alternatives, often cheaper ones, from other manufacturers. Google’s choice to develop a smartwatch in and of itself could be a positive addition to the market, which could lead to more competition.

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