Got Drive buys shopping center –

Got Drive buys shopping center -

Buys Christiansand-based God Driv As Raglamyrsenteret, which has eight stores.

Shopping center 13,000 square meters.
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It appears in a press release Wednesday morning. We are talking about the Rocklamir Center, which so far belongs to Tvedt Eiendom. The acquisition will take place on May 2.

In December 2021, it was reported that Christian Market-based Got Drive AS had purchased the Longhammerwegen 24 in Hougsund from Coop. Bauhaus is now setting up a large supermarket there, which will open in the summer.

Prices outside Sørlandet

Now the company is buying neighboring property Raglamyrsenteret.

– We want to provide shopping malls outside of Christiansand and are looking for properties along the coast up to the Bergen and Greenland area, ”says Torrey Gustav Drivens Fraternalsven, executive chairman and owner of God Drive.

He says the Rocklamir Center fits well with the strategy of strengthening its position in commercial and logistics real estate in southern Norway.

– The property has a huge growth potential and we will use it eventually. This is a fantastic project, Drivens says.

Tvedt Eiendom now sells Raglamyrsenteret, and currently operates MagasinBlaa on Stavanger and Tvedtsenteret.

– Siri Nybø, CEO of Tvedt Eiendom, said in a statement that they are selling the Raglamyr Center to focus on the growth of our assets in Stavanger.

He says the property has been owned by the family business for nearly 30 years.

– We are pleased that in the future the property will be managed by industrial owner Got Drive, Nybø continues.

Many projects

Drivens says the acquisition process began six months ago. Going forward, they plan to invest even more outside of Sørlandet.

– We have some plans and we will use the time to look at it more closely now. We are looking for assets with growth potential, says Drivens.

Property Longhammarvegen 6 in Raglamyr, Haugesund is fully licensed today and has the following stores.

Skeidar, Sport Outlet, Kid, PetXL, VetXL, Haugli Bakery and Home at Home. In addition, the Holdford store will be in the center in the short term.

The case is being updated.

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