June 6, 2023


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A man suspected of involvement in the explosion in Gothenburg

Got pizza in the keyhole – called the police

Police were contacted by a man who found pizza being served to a family member in the keyhole of the front door.

At 16.00 on November 24, a message was sent to the Police Operations Center from an address in Nes Municipality.

Gunnar Foseid, the superintendent of police and police contact in Nes, told TV 2 that the person had called and was worried that the pizza slice might be attached. Tesla robbery in Romeric last month.

– That person feared that the pizza was a form of coding coding, and then recently found to be associated with Tesla thefts, which is also one of the ness here.

– Do you think the theory is correct?

– I suspect this is a kind of reference, the police superintendent responds.

He explains that they did nothing during the investigation other than reporting it in the local newspaper Roughness – Case first mentioned.

Fossid is not sure how and why the pizza slice ended up in the keyhole.

– For example, if thieves find that the cheese has been pierced with a key, I do not know what the purpose of the pizza trick is, so he says “there are people at home here”. , And ends with:

Or in the absence of a drawing pen, magnet, or field tip pen, the public is concerned about whether the theft is brewing, as the police have previously heard.

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