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Ulv-skutt Rendalen

– In this case, the government has placed more emphasis on following the decision of looting sports groups to license wolves within the wolf zone, Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth Ede (Labor Party) said in a statement. Press release.

The ministry has been dealing with complaints about the decision of looting sports teams to license wolves within the wolf zone this winter.

This means it opens to hunt both all Norway and two border areas. We are talking about wolf areas Hornmoen, Bograngen and Rømskog.

In addition, the government opens to kill the remaining animals in the Slettås area.

– This decision helps bring the population in line with Storting’s population target, and it’s room for maneuver like the Biodiversity Act, Ede says.

The video shows parts of the wolf herd that are now being filmed.

The wolf game in Romeskock was filmed on camera. Photo: Andre Holm.

25 wolves must be killed

In 2016 Sporting decided that there should be four to six young wolves in Norway each year, three of whom should be full Norwegians. Since then, the number of minors has exceeded the population target.

So, it is now open to kill 25 wolves within the wolf zone. If there are more or less wolves in the territories, only the state administrator can change the quota.

The main rule is that all persons in the area concerned must be taken out.

– Take everything out, regardless of how many animals there are in an area. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there, “said Liz Hagen, rep.

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What is a License Cancellation?


Special hunting type for large predators.

The three largest predators, the wolverine, the wolf and the bear, can only be hunted through what is known as a license fall.

Lynx is the exception, it can be hunted by normal hunting.

Hunters must be registered

In order to do license cutting, hunters must register as license hunters in the Hunter Register.

Licensing is possible under Section (§18) of the Biodiversity Act, which allows exceptions to protected wolves, wolverines and bears.

Difference from allotment hunting

The big difference between allotment hunting and license cutting is that license cutting is intended to prevent damage, while normal allotment hunting is completely normal hunting, which is used to harvest resources.

This is also why it is called a licenseCutting And not licensedHunting. When not harvested from the cut, it is not a hunt, but a cut.

But what about damage reduction?

There is also a third form of legal hunting of predators, called Damages.

It is a type of hunting that allows you to kill an animal that is in serious danger of injuring or killing a pet, such as a sheep or domestic reindeer.

This is a measure used only in severe situations to prevent injury.

Source: Predatory Visitor Center

Historical hunting collaboration

Rømskog decided to shoot the herd last year and the year before, but both times the Ministry of Climate and Environment removed the herd from the end.

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The wolf herd has territories in டstfold, Akershus and Värmland in Sweden. The herd consists of at least ten animals.

The Predatory Game Committee for Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold has agreed to hunt the entire herd license. The county board in Wormland has offered to take out three wolves.

Cross-border results Historical.

Will take care of wolves of genetic importance

In Chetten County, a genetically important wolf lives with his mate. The couple got puppies this spring.

According to Rovviltnemda, it is important for the wolf pair to be in areas where there are no other herds nearby.

– Repestat says it’s to create peace and create weakened wolves by breeding like other flocks.

The period for licensing wolves within the wolf zone is from January 1 to February 15.

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