Government will spend Rs 1 billion to reduce boat prices – VG

Government will spend Rs 1 billion to reduce boat prices - VG
Rebellion: The rise in boat prices has led to great outrage on the coast in recent years. Here, the electric boat leaves the boat berth at Kvanne on the way to Stangvikfjord, Rykkjem.

The plan is to reduce all boat fares by 30 percent from the new year, compared to the previous year’s prices, Norway’s new transport minister Joan-Iver Niegard (Labor) told VG on Saturday.


The Labor Party and the Central Party have made big and costly promises Boat Rise The beach crashed last year.

Annoyingly high boat prices Really led Concerns about the displacement and destruction of local communities in western Norway and northern Norway.

Government platform from Hurdle The new government has announced that it wants to halve all prices within four years – as well as providing free ferry facilities on all routes with less than 100,000 passengers.

Transport Minister John-Iver tells Nicard Vijay that the first step will be taken in the New Year:

– We will make a powerful move in boat prices, where we will reduce them by 30 percent. In total, we spend a billion kroner.

– It helps people make everyday life easier, and this is something they notice in their wallets, says the former Fredrikstad mayor.

He explains that a 30 percent reduction has been measured against boat prices on January 1, 2020, and that this applies to both national boats and district boats.

Bigger cuts than ever before

The new boat lift is coming Interventions under the previous government, The revised national budget this spring will include cuts in boat prices.

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There were also plans to reduce boat prices by 50 percent by 2025, but with a 10 percent reduction each year. So the cuts proposed by the new government will be implemented even faster.

– We want to indicate a clear direction. We accept the goal of the previous government and go even further, says John-Iver Nicard.

The good news: Transport Minister John-Ever-Nycard says the government wants to pay a billion to reduce boat prices from the New Year.

However, the Minister of Transport and Communications did not say when the government would propose further measures to further reduce boat prices, but it would be appropriate to discuss when the state budget is tabled next year.

The new boat promise has been included in the government’s proposal for this year’s state budget, which will be presented in Sorting on Monday. The government does not have a majority for the new budget alone, so it is expected to be heavily negotiated with the SV.

However, he did not think the Støre government would face much opposition when it came to boat prices.

– I have realized that there are many parties who want to reduce boat prices, so my assessment is that it will not be a problem says John-Ever Nicard.

– Leads people behind the light

Frp’s transport policy spokeswoman Derje Hollande believes it gives the wrong impression of how much boat prices will actually be reduced if the plan is implemented.

– Compared to the old number, it cannot be said that the boat price is reduced by 30 per cent. They lead people behind the light, he tells Vijay.

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– Here, the government will be revealed soon, he adds.

Criticism: Frje’s transport policy spokesman, Terje Halleland, believes the government is giving the wrong impression when they say they want to reduce boat prices by 30 percent.

Says Holland Sporting has voted to reduce boat prices by 25 percent since July this year, Following Frp’s proposal.

So the politician believes that the real price cut is only five percent.

However, it is uncertain whether the figures can be compared to each other because there was VAT on boat tickets. It was temporarily reduced to 12 to 6 per cent until September 30 due to the epidemic.

Bent-Joachim Bentsen, County Councilor for Transport in the Northland, criticized the proposal for not providing adequate compensation to the districts for Frp. According to NRK. He told the channel that the reduction in boat prices, without compensation, would lead the district to fund NOK 13.5 million less.

Transport Minister John-Iver asked Viji for a response to Hollande’s comments, but has not yet responded.

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