Gracie Boone: – Embracing Disney ended in disgrace

Gracie Boone: – Embracing Disney ended in disgrace

Panamanian model and influencer Gracie Boone (27) now and then shares her photos and videos with her millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Recently published a Video on Tik Tok She says she was looking forward to a magical day with her brothers at Disneyland in California.

Unfortunately, her entire day was ruined by people staring at her curves, taking pictures and even laughing at her.

– It's time to stop being physical, thunders the influencer.

Shows people's reactions

The video has been viewed more than 440,000 times and consists of several different recordings that must have been made while visiting the park. In the video we see her standing in front of the camera, while people in the background stare, point and laugh.

-I was at Disneyland today. I wanted to have a good time with my brothers, but our day was ruined by people making fun of my body size. The worst thing, Boone says, is that they are teaching their children to do the same.

Long Stares: There were several park guests who didn't make much effort to try to hide their reaction. Photo: @graciebon1/TikTok
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She describes how others took pictures of her. Many gave her ugly looks, while others laughed openly.

-I know you might think I'm exaggerating and that it's my fault for being a big girl. But this is literally what God gave me. I have to embrace every part of me.

Giant roar warning

Giant roar warning

Go out to the haters

The 27-year-old believes that even if you have a condition or look different, there is no reason to be bullied because of your appearance.

-I will never talk negatively about another person's appearance. Respect is the key word, she says.

– This should be a safe place where everyone feels comfortable, and I didn't do anything – I just existed.

Ridiculous: Many of them were caught on video of the model while filming and laughing in the background.  Photo: @graciebon1/TikTok

Ridiculous: Many of them were caught on video of the model while filming and laughing in the background. Photo: @graciebon1/TikTok
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She ends by saying that when it came to this, she just wanted to have a good time at Disneyland, just like everyone else.

– If you don't like something, stop hating it and keep it to yourself, she ends the video.

Constant “Game”: – Oh my God

Tremendous feedback

Video – which was also shared Instagram – He received thousands of likes since sharing it. The comments have poured in, many of them giving her their full support.

– I can't stand seeing people's facial expressions, one follower wrote, referring to the many people we see in the background of the video.

– I think you are absolutely perfect, writes another.

But it's not just praise that can be found in the comments section.

– You wanted attention, and here you got it. Just not the kind you were hoping for, one user wrote.

– No one asked you to get a BBL, other comments.

BBL is an abbreviation for “Brazilian Butt Lift”, which can be translated to “Brazilian Butt Augmentation” in Norwegian. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure, where fat from other parts of the body is transferred to the buttocks to increase size and shape.

Regret: doing the unthinkable in bed

Regret: doing the unthinkable in bed

Airplane seats are very small

This isn't the first time the influencer has made headlines based on his body shape. Earlier this year, she was embarrassed and complained about the size of airplane seats.

In the video, Gracie Boone points out the challenges she faces in getting a big butt every time she goes out flying.

“The seats need to be much larger, so bigger girls like me can fit,” Boone says in the video.

She says she bought first class seats, but even those were too small.

-It's not my fault that my butt is so big.

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