Grand shoot at Kjerag: – Combines helicopter landings with “Success”

Grand shoot at Kjerag: - Combines helicopter landings with "Success"

It was announced in early September this year VG HBO confirmed in a press release that parts of the fourth season of “Heir” will be filmed in Norway this fall.

Currently available Bergen’s Dente It announced that the award-winning series will be filmed in western Norway, with one episode recorded at the Jewett Landscape Hotel in Sunmore.

Now the local newspaper writes Strandbuyen From September 15 to 30, an American film crew will enter Lisboden in the municipality of Santnes.

In light of documents accessed by the newspaper, they now wonder if the groundbreaking record could be put on the back burner with a “successor” record.

124 Helicopter landing

Strandbuyen Having obtained access to case documents from the protected area board for Setesdal Vesthei, Ryfylkeheiane and Frafjordheiane, the film in Norway appears to have applied for 124 helicopter landings on Kjerag mountain between September 15 and 10.

The paper also revealed that the helicopters will be used to transport crew and equipment associated with filming for the global broadcasting and streaming company.

The board initially said no to the original application for 200 landings, which was processed on June 28, but on August 11 they were given permission to land 124 helicopters at Gejerak anyway.

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– Stands in the center

The approval of the application states, among other things, that the British production company has good knowledge and experience of operating within the protected area, that the time of year limits the impact on natural diversity, and that registration will have significant financial consequences for Kejerak.

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At Film Application in Norway, the company’s general manager, Joachim Ling, emphasizes that Kjerak is a central part of the story.

– Kjerag is at the center of the whole story, and with the size of the clientele and the quality of the technology used to capture the beauty of Kjerag, this project will be a great advertising opportunity for Norwegian nature. Not just for Kjerag, but for the entire region and Norwegian nature experiences.

Strandbuyen It says it has not succeeded in confirming whether “Successor” will be recorded on Kjerag in the coming weeks.

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