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Tomine Lysaker Sanden (20) og Marthe Lima (20) er koronasmitta og er på isolasjonshotell i Trondheim.

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– One feels tense. It wasn’t great to send the first message to the group that tested positive for coronavirus. Everyone gets quite hysterical, says Tommen Lisker Sanden (20).

Together with 20-year-old Marthy Lima, she has now checked in at the City Living Sentrum. A coronary heart disease isolation hotel in Trondheim.

The girls share one room, as they live in the same student pool in Mohult with a total of 15 people.

Injury record in Trondheim

The municipality’s testing capacity was under severe strain after a week of severe altitude sickness.

On Friday, a total of 113 people were diagnosed with coronary heart disease in Trondheim. This is the highest number of infections recorded in the municipality during the pandemic.

88 of those infected ranged from 20 to 29 years old.

Many students are now despairing of a long waiting period before being allocated a place in a secluded hotel.

In the past week, the demand for rooms where infected students can self-isolate has increased.

This is what Ole-Bjørn Nordland, project leader for Corona Hotels in Trondheim municipality said.

I understand very well that they are keen to infect others. It’s weird.

Do not become isolated after a positive rapid test

There are currently several rapid tests that must be confirmed with regular PCR tests. Starting next week, it will be planned to allow people to do polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests on their own at home.

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Tommen tested positive in Saturday’s rapid test. She and the other people in the group only took the regular PCR test on Tuesday, due to a long queue.

I was lucky and was allowed to go to a secluded hotel after I got a positive quick test, because I live with so many others, said Tommen.

But it is an exception to the rule.

If students live in a place where they cannot self-isolate, the municipality will be able to provide hotel rooms. But this only happens after a person receives a positive PCR test.

When you test positive for a rapid test, you must wait until you are contacted by the infection control office, before you are allocated a place in an isolated hotel in the city.

We allocate rooms more efficiently. We don’t have much need yet. This is a new situation for us, Director of Health and Welfare Winch Dahli tells NRK.

Increased hotel insulation capacity

Thus, it is the responsibility of the municipality for people with corona to have their own place to carry out isolation.

Norland stresses that it is important to distinguish between quarantine hotels and isolation hotels. Quarantine hotels are for entry quarantine, and isolation hotels are for infected people.

In Trondheim, there are two hotels that serve as isolation hotels for coronary heart disease people who live with others and need isolation: City Living Sentrum and Scandic Solsiden.

These hotels have 50 rooms available for coronary heart disease. Much less capacity than quarantine hotels.

During Friday’s press conference in Trondheim, the municipality reported that it has now set up 160 new isolation rooms, for a total of 210.

They are in the process of moving injured students and others who need them to hotel rooms.

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For students who live collectively, young or old, this is a burden when injured and they should avoid infecting others in the group, Dehli says.

Capacity expansion: They are expanding the capacity of isolated hotels in the city, Director of Health and Welfare Wenshe Dehli told Friday’s press conference in Trondheim municipality.

Photo: Marietta Solheim/NRK

Prioritize the test queue after a positive rapid test

The municipality wants those who have tested positive for a rapid test to send an email. Those who work with infection tracing have prepared you for a priority PCR test.

The student should clearly state to the infection control office if the person in question has a living situation where one poses a risk to others in the same household, Nordland says.

When Marth received a positive answer to her PCR test, the isolation hotel was already full, so the infection control office wondered if she could isolate herself in the group.

I know a lot of people find it upsetting to be in a group when someone has coronary heart disease. Then one depends on someone to cook, because one cannot go out into the kitchen by himself.

According to Nordland, in some cases it is appropriate to move healthy people, rather than coronary heart disease, into apartments or gatherings where several people live together.

Both girls got a place in a secluded hotel when they herself proposed to share a room, because they live in the same group.

Everyone was so frustrated at the idea of ​​an infected person in the house, when they tested negative, says Tommen.

Life in a secluded hotel

Friends received their first dose of coronary artery vaccine, and thought they were a bit safe.

At the moment, both girls are feeling healthy. It was worse when symptoms appeared.

– I got really bad when I got to the Isolation Hotel. Breathing was difficult at night, Tomen said, and I thought about calling the emergency room the next day.

Students in the first year receive all information during their stay by e-mail. Nobody checks how things are going. But they can call the front desk if they have any questions.

There will be plenty of Netflix and reading, says Marth.

Girls are happy to have company in each other. Food is delivered to their door.

– We get lunch and dinner from Jimi’s Restaurant. The breakfast is absolutely amazing. There are slices of bread in the plastic and the same toppings every day, Tommen says and laughs.

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