Great Variation in Weather – Marit 69°N:

Great Variation in Weather – Marit 69°N:

– They are lining up to visit us, these low pressures. So we know where we live, says Marit Sund, 74, on the phone from Andøya to the Dagbladet journalist in Hasle in Oslo.

She has lived for 57 years on Norway’s tenth largest island, located 69°N, and is therefore used to snow in May.

However, it’s not my two-year-old robotic lawnmower.

On Friday, he got his first taste of grass for the year.

However, the meeting with Grass did not last long. On Saturday morning, the green grass was covered with white flakes.

A photo taken by the 74-year-old shows tracks left by a lawn mower in the snow.

– Now I’m wondering if we should change to winter tires and get an engine heater for a robotic lawn mower, kidding.

Meteorologists warn

Snowfall was as expected.

On Friday, the Institute of Meteorology reported large weather variations throughout the Whitsun weekend: up to 20 degrees in some places in southern Norway, and sleet and snow in parts of northern Norway.

– If people switch to summer tires, I recommend switching to winter tires if you are going out on a trip, warns state meteorologist Iselin Skjervagen.

Pentecost: Great Contradictions

Pentecost: Great Contradictions

Don’t expel southerners

Sund now wonders if his Husqvarna robotic lawnmower also needs a tire change.

She confirms that she has not yet inspected the lawn.

– We’ll see if she can do anything at all. He’ll probably get stuck on the ramp so I guess we’ll have to go out and help.

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Sunde is originally from Flekkefjord in Agder, but moved to Andoya in 1966. The weather didn’t scare her:

A little snow doesn’t drive southerners back. We’re always upbeat here, solving crossword puzzles with a ballpoint pen.

It was a white and cold affair when NRK Troms reporter Pål Hansen had to report on snowy weather in the Kåfjord on March 30. Video: NRC
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To southerners who might shudder at the weather forecast for northern Norway, the 74-year-old has the following message:

– It’s not boring here. We have nature to spare, and many wonderful, loving, and open-minded people.

Husqvarna: Many suggestions

Husqvarna is receiving many good proposals to continue developing our robotic lawn mowers, according to Marketing Director Ellen Lunde Emilsen.

– So it is clear that people are satisfied and see more areas of use. Everything from snow plows to fertilizer spreaders. Many of them adorn our mowers with unique designs.

The cheetah did not like this robot’s visit. Non-stop TV with Sunder Ram and Christian Weis. We have created Norway’s best viral software that gives you the coolest clips that you don’t want to miss every day.
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Last year, she says, they introduced a function that allows several shears to sing a Christmas song on demand.

They have many areas of use, but when it comes to snow conditions, weather forecasters and frost sensors are probably the thing right now. If you have these, your mowers will anyway avoid going out on the road and instead stay at the charging station until “the weather clears,” Emilsen concludes.

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