Greece: Vacationers break off their trip earlier – others have to sleep on the beach

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The Greek island of Mykonos is once again in the corona bottle. Numerous vacationers end their trip. Affected, on the other hand, can no longer find a place in isolated hotels.

The number of corona cases is rapidly increasing again in many holiday areas of Europe. Spain and Greece are again considered risk areas. The popular holiday island of Mykonos was re-locked on Saturday (June 18) with less than 400 incidents and a ban on exits from 1 to 6 p.m. During this time you can leave home if you go to work or have a medical emergency. Outside and inside, only nine people are allowed to meet. The new rule will initially apply until July 26, at 6 p.m.

Mykonos’ lock: Greece tourists cancel their trip

Greek entrepreneurs and event managers, when asked by Focus Online, believe that tight measures will last until at least the end of July, the portal explains. Many Mykonos tourists will now cancel their trip in advance or move to neighboring islands such as Santorini. But for this island and others – for example Crete, Naxos, Milos and Ayos – the health authority EODY suggests similar restrictions. These apply early Thursday.

In addition, the Greek government imposed high-risk and multi-hospital admissions Prohibition of operation for those who are not involved in liquor stores. Vaccinated and active guests should be separated from unprotected guests. A supermarket ban on those who have not been vaccinated since September is also under discussion.

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Isolated Hotels Overcrowded in Greece: Govt-19 Victims on Holiday

But this is harder than the unannounced population Holidaymakers tested positive. Return flights are not allowed, but they remain the same Isolated hotels are fully booked. An Italian tourist seriously reported that he could not go home to the High Portal, but was not allowed to go to a regular hotel. The hospital also turned him down because he was not feeling well enough. According to the Greek portal “Proto Thema” many of the affected tourists are sleeping on the beach – which also exceeds the isolation requirements. (fk)

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You should urgently avoid these mistakes in travel cancellation insurance

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