June 10, 2023


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Green Transition, Energy Policy | The selfishness of the Norwegian people prevents the green transition

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Within seven years, Norway must have cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent from 1990 levels. Now, the transition is proceeding very slowly. When it is suggested however to develop green energy sources such as wind energy, people say no.

The selfishness of the Norwegian people prevents the green transition.

More people in Norway are positive about wind turbines and hydropower. The problem is that when these sources of power are put in place, selfishness takes over.

NIMBY stands for “not in my backyard” and is used to describe those who oppose changes in their area, though not necessarily elsewhere.

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It is necessary a little more often

In the green shift, there are too many NIMBYs. They are positive for, say, wind energy, even being included in their picnic area or the like.

I can understand that it is not a very fine sight, but for the generation that will rule the planet it is necessary that some make few sacrifices.

I was born in 2001 and I will live my whole life during the period of transformation that the world is going through. I am frustrated when opponents of new energy sources lack a long-term perspective.

The 60-year-old activist has different priorities than the 21-year-old boy, but I miss the fact that more people in Norway are not looking beyond their noses.

Massive change

I’m optimistic though. I walk around hoping that common sense will prevail and that we can solve the climate crisis. Then more people will have to say yes to development. Yes to wind, hydroelectric, solar and – not least – nuclear.

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Nuclear energy is a necessary part of Norway’s green transition. Energy from wind, water and the sun is great, but there are no stable energy sources in Norway. Our country’s climate is unstable and, as we have seen with water reservoirs, among other things, nature does not always meet energy needs.

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Nuclear energy is part of the generational transition. Those who remember the horror of Chernobyl are generally negative, but a lot has happened since 1986. New safety standards mean that many countries in Europe have safe power plants. Norway needs a stable energy source in addition to wind, water and sun, and that energy source is nuclear energy.

In 2050 I will be 49 years old. Then the world will have undergone a tremendous transformation.

In order for Norway not to be left behind, we must start now. We must invest in alternatives and attract knowledge. We must allow further development where it bears fruit.

We have to be less selfish in going green, and that starts with saying yes.