Greg Halford- He was so angry with his ex-wife

Greg Halford- He was so angry with his ex-wife

Not many times did Greg Halford play at the top level in England. But now he’s earned a place in the history books for a different reason.

Former Premier League player Halford has generated a lot of attention on social media and online after a video was recorded of him throwing his alleged ex-partner’s belongings out of the house.

Chests upon chests seen on the lawn outside the house. The video also shows a pair of belongings being physically thrown out of a window. Clothes, trinkets, CDs, and even previous dirty laundry all ended up on the floor after Halford’s work. Obviously, he spared nothing.

The clip is now spreading that far. It has been viewed over ten million times on Twitter alone.

Halford wrote this as a comment to the video he posted:

– It’s been a very long time, but I finally cleaned things up from the traitorous convict ex.

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The Sports Bible, among many media outlets, refers to the incident as follows – as the text of the retweeted video:

“Ex-Premier League star Greg Halford threw all his ‘ex-scam’ possessions out the window” – followed by an appropriate emoji.

Below the post, Halford left this message in the comment field:

– I wouldn’t say “star”. Maybe you could write “player with a short Premier League career”.


Thousands of people on social media expressed their sympathy for the man, and hoped that he would be “around him in this difficult time.”

The defender has played 28 matches in the Premier League for Reading, Sunderland and Wolverhampton. The last time in 2011.

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After the Premier League adventure, Halford had a long career with over 500 appearances in the league system. Including Southend.

Fewer divisions: After the Premier League adventure, Halford have been in the lower tiers of the English league system. Here for Southend in 2021. Photo: NTB
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But his fame never reached the height that it did in the January days of the year 2023.

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